Next-Level Android Tech Features Just Announced at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Google transforms Android TV and Google TV into Matter Hubs, leading the charge in the new era of smart home ecosystems. Learn more about this major update!

Next-Level Android Tech Features Just Announced at CES 2024

Thursday January 11, 2024,

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At CES 2024, Google unveiled a series of exciting new features and updates for Android, focusing on enhanced connectivity and seamless integration across various devices. These features promise to elevate the user experience in numerous ways, ranging from simple file sharing to sophisticated navigation solutions for electric vehicles. Here’s a rundown of some key highlights:

Enhanced File Sharing with Quick Share: Google announced a significant update in file sharing with the integration of its Nearby Share and Samsung’s Quick Share into a unified cross-Android solution. This new Quick Share feature is designed to facilitate easy sharing of pictures, files, and text across Android and Chromebook ecosystems, as well as with Windows PCs. Users can control their privacy settings, choosing who can discover their device and send files.

Fast Pair on Big Screens: Fast Pair support is extending to Chromecast with Google TV and will later expand to more Google TV devices. This feature enables users to quickly pair their Bluetooth accessories, like headphones or speakers, with their devices, enhancing the audio experience for movies and shows.

Updates for Android Auto and Google Built-in: A notable upgrade in Android Auto involves the integration of real-time electric vehicle (EV) battery information with Google Maps. This functionality will allow Google Maps to show the remaining battery at the destination, suggest charging stops, and estimate charging times. Additionally, the feature of sending trip information from Google Maps on Android and iOS devices directly to cars with Google Built-in was introduced.

New Applications for Google Built-in: Google Chrome and The Weather Channel apps have been released for Google Built-in, allowing in-car web browsing and up-to-date weather forecasts. However, it’s advised to use the Google Chrome app only when the car is parked.

Smart Home Ecosystem Standard with Matter: Google is turning Google TV, Android TV, and some LG TVs into Matter Hubs, aligning with the most important smart home ecosystem standard, Matter. This standard is backed by major tech brands and is set to enhance the interoperability and usability of smart home devices.

These updates from Google at CES 2024 represent a significant step in enhancing the Android ecosystem, offering users more convenience, better connectivity, and a more integrated experience across their devices. For more details, you can refer to the sources of this information, which include Google's own announcements and coverage from tech news outlets​​​​.

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