Chat-GPT Cheat Sheet 2024: Achieve Better Results with Advanced AI Prompts

Unlock the full potential of Chat-GPT in your professional journey. From beginners to experts, this cheat sheet offers tailored advice for maximising AI efficiency.

Chat-GPT Cheat Sheet 2024: Achieve Better Results with Advanced AI Prompts

Thursday January 04, 2024,

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The Chat-GPT cheat sheet is an invaluable resource for professionals across various fields, leveraging the capabilities of AI to enhance productivity, creativity, and problem-solving skills. This article breaks down the basic structure of prompts and offers examples for specific roles, tasks, formats, and business needs.

Basic Structure of a Prompt


  • Example: "Act as a Marketer to create a new advertising campaign."
  • Example: "Act as an Accountant to analyse financial data for the last quarter."


  • Example: "Act as an Inventor to brainstorm new product ideas."
  • Example: "Act as a Copywriter to draft a product description."


  • Example: "Act as a Journalist to write a headline article essay on current economic trends."
  • Example: "Act as a Project Manager to create a Gantt Chart for the upcoming project."


  • Example: "Acting as a Mindset Coach, develop a motivational speech in a video script format."
  • Example: "Acting as a Website Designer, create a homepage layout in HTML."

Linked Prompting

Provide me with the ideal outline for an effective & persuasive blog post.

  • Example: Introduction, Context, Main Points, Examples, Conclusion, Call-to-Action.

Create Captivating Titles for Your Blog Post on [Topic].

  • ZERO: "Write me 5 Headlines about Sustainable Living."
  • SINGLE: "Write me 5 Headlines about Sustainable Living. Here is an example of one headline: '10 Simple Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life.'"
  • MULTIPLE: "Write me 5 Headlines about Sustainable Living. Here are some examples: 'Green Living: Easy Steps for Every Home', 'The Future of Sustainability: What You Can Do Today.'"

Write a list of Subheadings & Hooks for this same blog post.

  • Example: "The Urgent Need for Sustainability", "How You Can Make a Difference", "Innovative Ideas for Eco-Friendly Living."

Write a list of Keywords for this Blog.

  • Example: Eco-friendly, sustainability, green living, environmental impact, renewable resources.

Write a list of Compelling Call-to-Actions for the blog post.

  • Example: "Join the Green Movement Today", "Start Your Sustainable Journey Here", "Be the Change: Act Now."

Create a Compelling Blog Post by Integrating Top Headlines, Engaging Subheadings, Captivating Hooks, Key Keywords, and a Strong Call-to-Action on [Topic]

  • Example: Combining "Green Living: Easy Steps for Every Home" with relevant subheadings, keywords, and a call-to-action "Join the Green Movement Today".

Re-write this Blog Post in the [Style].

  • Example: "Re-write the blog post on sustainable living in a conversational tone."

Prompts for Business Owners

Give me a list of inexpensive ideas on how to promote my business better?

  • Example: Social media campaigns, community engagement, customer referral programs.

Acting as a Business Consultant, what is the best way to solve this problem of [Problem].

  • Example: "Acting as a Business Consultant, the best way to solve the low customer retention issue is through a loyalty program and improved customer service."

Create a 30 Day Social Media Content Strategy based on [Topic 1] & [Topic 2].

  • Example: "Create a 30 Day Social Media Content Strategy based on Health & Wellness and New Product Launches."

Using this cheat sheet, professionals can efficiently harness the power of Chat-GPT to generate content, solve problems, and streamline their workflow, paving the way for enhanced productivity and creativity in the modern business landscape.