Double your productivity: Unlock the ultimate 3-step formula

Have you set new goals this year? Here is the ultimate productivity hack that will help you reach them!

Double your productivity: Unlock the ultimate 3-step formula

Sunday January 14, 2024,

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How many times have you tried productivity tools, tricks and strategies? The truth is, these tactics only work if a person does not suffer from procrastination which happens to the best of us. But this code has been cracked by Dr. Christian Poensgen who collaborated with Standford Professor Andrew Huberman.

Here are 3 ultimate steps that are backed by science which will double your work productivity!

Why does focus matter so much?

While many have heard that focus is the key factor to getting work done, why it is so hard to achieve? This is because it is very easy to slip into mindless thinking which leads to distracting thoughts. As our minds play tennis going back and forth with unnecessary things, we lose focus and motivation to work.

Even studies show that mobile phones have been a concentration killer for students which also means they slow down the progress of business professionals and entrepreneurs. Ultimately, without focus, it can be very difficult to gain clarity on how things need to be done.

Here are steps that will help you gain not just focus but ultra focus!

3 steps for doubling productivity


Timing is everything

You may have noticed that during certain times of the day, you feel active and highly motivated. It generally falls under these categories:

  • 30 minutes after waking
  • 3 hours after waking
  • 11 hours after waking

Stanford Professor Andrew Huberman states these are the periods where our focus and motivation are at their peak. The reason is because of our circadian rhythm which is a natural cycle which affects our physical, mental, and behaviour.

To put it simply, circadian rhythm controls many body processes such as alertness, appetite, sleepiness and body temperature. For instance, we often feel tired after the sun sets as the body responds to less sunlight.

However, everyone has different sleep schedules better known as chronotypes. You may have noticed that some people are early risers whereas some prefer sleeping rather late. Regardless, the main point is that working during your peak performance hours is the best to get the maximum of your work done.

Slash distractions for real

Work cannot be done if you constantly go back and forth browsing blogs, reading emails or worse scrolling through social media. Eliminating devices or things that disrupt your attention is one of the best techniques to boost concentration.

Once you start working, there will be no going back. However, it can be hard for some people to block out distractions. So, you can try out apps or Chrome extensions that restrict you from accessing platforms that are highly tempting to use.

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Gain ultra focus

In the first few minutes, you will be highly resistant to working. Even so, it is very normal to do so. The solution is to continue, your brain will automatically enter "Ultra Focus Mode". A useful method to surpass the resistance phase is to only work for 30 minutes without any distractions whatsoever.

After that, you can decide whether you want to continue. This is a smart tactic as you will be in the flow and peak of your productivity, and it will be easier to get more tasks completed. By doing so, you will be amazed at the results of the amount of work done in 30-90 minutes.

The bottom line

Getting words done sounds simple but seldom is easy to do. Following this easy-to-follow 3-step routine can skyrocket your productivity.