Starting a side hustle: Practical tips for busy professionals

Discover practical tips on carving out time for a side hustle in 2024. Navigate your busy life with strategic planning and efficient time management.

Starting a side hustle: Practical tips for busy professionals

Thursday January 18, 2024,

4 min Read

If you're itching to kickstart a side hustle but find yourself trapped in the hustle and bustle of daily life, fear not! In this fast-paced era, we're here to guide you on how to carve out time for your passion project.

However, with careful planning, prioritisation, and a strategic approach, individuals can carve out the time needed to pursue their passion projects and potentially turn them into a lucrative side business.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of effective time management and discover a path to make your side hustle dreams a reality!

1. Craft your brand

To successfully manage a side hustle alongside a demanding full-time job, a practical approach involves tackling one task at a time. Begin by establishing the groundwork, and more often than not, this foundation involves developing your brand.

This is notably simpler than attempting the colossal challenge of launching an entirely new business.


Specifically, focus on enhancing your brand presence on various social media platforms, with a keen emphasis on platforms like LinkedIn, widely utilised for B2B customer engagements.

2. Dedicate 30 minutes daily to networking

Networking stands as one of the pivotal elements in crafting a brand and setting up a passive income source as a side hustle—the relationships you foster and the quality of these professional connections contribute substance to your network.

This forms the foundation for potential business opportunities, whether partnering as co-founders in a new venture or establishing trust and credibility for future collaborations as partners or clients.

Dedicate 30 Minutes Daily to Networking

Surprisingly, whether you're interacting with LinkedIn posts, sending messages, or attending in-person networking events, achieving substantial progress in just half an hour is entirely feasible.

3. Monitor your time and energy allocation

Consider incorporating time management tools or maintaining a diary to monitor the allocation of your valuable time. Are you directing your efforts towards tasks essential for advancing your career and realising your professional goals?

For instance, rather than aimlessly browsing the internet or mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, channel your energy into meaningful activities. Navigate the internet with purpose – dedicate that time to online research that can contribute to the growth and profitability of your side hustle.

Instead of aimless social media browsing, strategically use your social media time to analyse consumer trends across various platforms, positioning your brand to meet customer demands.

This strategic approach is key to enhancing the likelihood of success for your side hustle.

4. Establish SMART goals

If the idea of managing your small business alongside a full-time job feels daunting initially, consider breaking it down into micro goals and leverage the SMART model to structure your journey.

SMART, an acronym representing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, serves as a framework to ensure that your goals meet these criteria.

By employing this model, you articulate your objectives with precision, specifying what you want to achieve and setting a deadline.

This approach, rather than a vague statement like "I want to build a side hustle," not only keeps you motivated but also renders your vision more realistic and attainable.

5. Optimise your productivity: Maintain a laser focus on your time

When time is limited, it compels you to be highly discerning about how you allocate your precious moments. Adopt a strategic mindset and make the most out of every minute dedicated to your side hustle.

Consider this scenario: If your 9-to-5 job spans from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and you've identified two precious hours each day for your side hustle, ensure that these two hours are used efficiently. Prioritise tasks by asking yourself: What needs immediate attention, and what can be deferred until you have more time?

Indeed, balancing a full-time job and cultivating a profitable side hustle is achievable. By following the steps outlined above and combining them with your perseverance and determination, you can strengthen your foothold in your industry and future-proof your career while increasing your earnings.