How a Developer Found His Bride Using ChatGPT: AI as the New Matchmaker

Explore how Alexander Zhadan, a Russian software developer, harnessed the power of AI to sift through thousands of Tinder profiles, leading to a uniquely modern romance and an AI-assisted proposal.

How a Developer Found His Bride Using ChatGPT: AI as the New Matchmaker

Friday February 02, 2024,

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In a remarkable blend of technology and romance, Alexander Zhadan, a 23-year-old software developer from Moscow, Russia, has utilised artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate the complex world of online dating, ultimately leading to a significant milestone in his personal life. Zhadan's innovative approach to finding a romantic partner is a compelling example of how AI can be applied in unexpected and personal aspects of human life.

Zhadan embarked on this unique journey by leveraging AI tools, including ChatGPT, to sift through potential matches on the popular dating app Tinder. He developed a script that filtered out Tinder profiles based on specific criteria, such as the number of profile photos, mentions of Zodiac signs, and certain types of content in the photos. This initial filtering process was critical in narrowing down the vast pool of potential matches to those who aligned more closely with his preferences.

The AI's role extended beyond just selecting potential matches. Zhadan trained ChatGPT to engage in conversations with the selected matches, facilitating initial interactions and even setting up dates. This innovative use of AI in the initial stages of dating reflects a novel approach to handling the often overwhelming process of online dating.

Despite some initial challenges and awkward interactions, Zhadan's AI-assisted strategy proved to be effective. Out of over 5,000 interactions facilitated by the AI, he went on 12 dates, one of which was with his future bride, Karina. The AI's involvement didn't stop at just arranging dates; Zhadan also used it to analyse their conversations to offer insights on how to nurture and improve the relationship.

Interestingly, Zhadan even used ChatGPT's suggestions for his marriage proposal to Karina, which was successful. His story, while raising questions about the ethical implications of using AI in such personal aspects of life, also highlights the potential of AI in adding a unique dimension to human experiences.

Karina, Zhadan's fiancée, was informed about his AI strategy late last year, and the couple is now on the path to marriage. This unconventional tale of finding love illustrates the increasing interplay between technology and human relationships, showcasing how AI can be a tool not just for practical tasks but also for personal endeavors like finding a life partner.

Zhadan's story has garnered attention and sparked discussions about the boundaries and ethics of AI usage in personal life. However, it undeniably represents an intriguing instance of how AI can be creatively employed in modern romance.

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