Brinc launches four multidisciplinary accelerator programmes to drive startup innovation in India

These 12-week virtual accelerator programmes are tailored for early-stage founders pioneering sustainable solutions across consumption, enterprise and industrial, emerging tech, and sustainability sectors.

Brinc launches four multidisciplinary accelerator programmes to drive startup innovation in India

Friday February 02, 2024,

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Brinc, a leading global venture accelerator, in collaboration with Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL), has announced the launch of the A4X Accelerator Programs in a bid to foster innovation, drive commercialisation, and facilitate fundraising for startups aligned with their vision. These 12-week, virtual, multidisciplinary accelerator programmes are tailored for early-stage founders working on solutions that promise a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future across four key themes: consumption, enterprise and industrial, emerging tech, and sustainability.

Opportunities across key themes

Startups selected within these four themes will secure funding of up to INR 2 crore. The investment amount is determined case-by-case in exchange for an equity alignment to the accelerator funding partner based on the startup's valuation.

A4X - Consumer Program: Addressing the evolving needs of a growing population, Brinc supports startups capitalising on the consumption boom. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, D2C businesses and consumer SaaS.

A4X - Industry & Enterprise Program: Brinc seeks startups driving operational efficiencies, productivity, and innovation in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles, and auto manufacturing. Areas of focus span, but are not restricted to, enterprise SaaS and industrial IoT.

A4X - Emerging Tech Program: Embracing the technology revolution, the accelerator supports startups and emerging technologies in AI, ML, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain, and more.

A4X - Sustainability Program: With a focus on climate change and environmental concerns, Brinc supports startups aligning with global sustainability goals. Targeted areas include, but extend beyond, alternative protein, climate tech and sustainability, and electric mobility.

Tailored programs for industry-specific challenges

The A4X Accelerator Programs are divided into general and specific tracks, ensuring a comprehensive approach to universal business skills and industry-specific challenges. General sessions cover fundamental workshops relevant to all participating startups, while distinct tracks provide tailored sessions and content for each theme. This includes one-on-one sessions with sector-specific mentors who bring invaluable expertise based on their experiences.

Brinc's accelerator programme offers curated resources, mentorship and workshops designed to address the challenges and opportunities within the chosen industries. Startups selected for the program will benefit from funding and tailored support, industry expertise, and access to global networks.

Unlike traditional acceleration programs, Brinc A4X focuses on specific interventions to advance startups to their next milestone. The programme's emphasis on practical solutions and best practices, tailored to each startup's unique challenges, positions it as a catalyst for tangible growth. A proprietary mentor-matching platform ensures precise mentor mapping for all Brinc programs. Mentors, selected based on industry experience, may include successful founders, investors, or senior industry professionals. Relevance to the startup's sector and specific challenges form the core criteria for mentor selection.

Startups enrolled in the programme receive guidance on a range of challenges and milestones. For example, a mentor specialising in go-to-market (GTM) strategies can assist with optimising customer acquisition costs for consumer brands or formulating growth strategies for enterprise tech companies. Additionally, advice may cover UI/UX improvement and identifying ideal customer segments, showcasing the breadth of industry expertise available to startups.

Eligibility criteria

Eligible applicants must have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) within Brinc's interest areas and be actively working on commercialisation. The evaluation criteria include a minimum of one proof of concept/pilot, early revenue traction, a pipeline of customers/users, uniqueness and innovation of solutions, and a market fit with a roadmap for growth.

Programme duration

The accelerator programs are slated to kick-off in mid-March. Each cohort spans approximately 12 weeks, culminating in a demo day where startups showcase their progress and achievements.

Continuous application process and selection frequency

Brinc has adopted an ongoing application process, evaluating companies every month. Startup selections are made during investor committee meetings in collaboration with GVFL, with decisions on a rolling basis. The programme operates twice a year, and selected startups receive investments before the acceleration phase begins.

Applicants from anywhere can apply as the programmes are virtual. Early-stage founders are encouraged to seize this opportunity to scale their startups and make a lasting impact in their respective industries.

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