Did The Simpsons See Apple Vision Pro Coming? Unbelievable Predictions!

Discover how 'The Simpsons' astonishingly forecasted the Apple Vision Pro years ahead, showcasing their uncanny knack for predicting tech trends and societal shifts.

Did The Simpsons See Apple Vision Pro Coming? Unbelievable Predictions!

Tuesday February 06, 2024,

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"The Simpsons," with its long-standing reputation for uncannily predicting future events, has seemingly done it again with the Apple Vision Pro. In an episode titled "Friends and Family," which aired in October 2016, the show featured the residents of Springfield wearing futuristic glasses that display information directly in their field of vision, mirroring the capabilities of the recently discussed Apple Vision Pro.

This episode, part of Season 28, showcased various scenarios where the technology led to humorous yet chaotic outcomes, such as characters crashing into light poles and falling into sewers due to their distraction​​​​.

This prediction adds to the extensive list of technological and societal forecasts the show has made over its run. The Simpsons has previously predicted smart watches, the FaceTime technology, Disney's acquisition of Fox, and even the presidency of Donald Trump. The show's knack for foreseeing technological advancements and social phenomena has often led fans to speculate about the prophetic abilities of its writers​​.

Apart from the Apple Vision Pro, "The Simpsons" has made numerous other predictions that have materialised over the years. Notably, it predicted the outbreak of Ebola in 1997, the NSA scandal in 2007, the invention of the smartwatch in 1995, and Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox in 1998. These predictions have contributed to the show's legend, prompting discussions about whether these forecasts are merely coincidental or if they reveal a deeper insight into societal trends by the show's creators​​.

As we marvel at the accuracy of "The Simpsons" in predicting the future, it's worth pondering the implications of these forecasts. Are these predictions a testament to the show's creative vision, or do they reflect broader societal trajectories that are, perhaps, inevitable? The phenomenon of "The Simpsons" predicting future events continues to intrigue and amuse audiences worldwide, leaving us to question what other predictions may yet come to pass.