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From a confectionery shop to Rs 2,000 crore: Inspiring Journey of Ananda Dairy Founder Dr Radhey Shyam Dixit, the Paneer King

India’s Paneer King, Dr Radhey Shyam Dixit changed India’s dairy industry and its consumers’ behaviour with one product—the packaged paneer under the brand name Ananda Diary. Here’s his full story.

From a confectionery shop to Rs 2,000 crore: Inspiring Journey of Ananda Dairy Founder Dr Radhey Shyam Dixit, the Paneer King

Thursday May 23, 2024 , 4 min Read

Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 21: Remember your childhood visits to dhabas with your parents? How they would always suspect the quality of the open paneer served. Ever wondered why that’s no longer the case? How did packaged paneer come into existence, transforming the way we consume this beloved dairy product? If these questions intrigue you, let’s meet the man behind this revolution: Radhey Shyam Dixit, Founder and owner of Ananda Group.

Famously known as the "Paneer King", Dr Dixit revolutionised the dairy industry by introducing packaged paneer in India. Before his innovation, paneer was commonly sold as an open commodity, often untraceable and unhygienic. Recognising the need for a safer and more reliable alternative, Dr Dixit launched packaged paneer under the Brand “Ananda”, changing consumer habits forever. Today, Ananda Paneer, synonymous with trust and quality, made with German technology, untouched by hand stands out as an undisputed leader in the market, a testament to Dr Dixit’s pioneering vision and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Dr Radhey Shyam Dixit's life journey is nothing short of inspirational—a remarkable transformation from self-reliance to empowering lakhs of people. Born into a humble farmer family, his path was fraught with challenges, yet marked by an unshakable zeal to serve society and uplift the dairy sector. This unwavering commitment led him to establish the Ananda Group, a beacon of excellence in the dairy industry.

From his early days of teaching other students to save money for his education, to launching a small confectionery shop, Dr Dixit demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. His visionary approach and dedication to quality paved the way for Ananda Dairy's success, making it a symbol of trust and innovation.

Under his leadership, Ananda Dairy touched an annual turnover of Rs 100 crore in 2007-08, which tripled to Rs 300 crore in 2011-12 and to Rs 700 crore in just two years in 2013-14. The annual turnover has nearly trebled to over Rs 2,000 in recent years, showcasing his strategic acumen.

Even as Ananda Dairy is touching new heights in terms of financial success, Dr Dixit’s vision has ensured that it emerges as a symbol of sustainable growth and empowerment, especially of women dairy farmers.

Reflecting on his journey, he said, “I had a firm belief in my vision for Ananda Dairy and staying committed to it has contributed immensely to our success. While we have grown exponentially in financial terms, I derive the highest sense of satisfaction from the positive impact we have had on the lives of lakhs of dairy farmers and contributing to rural prosperity. We are committed to financially empowering dairy farmers while ensuring the best quality products to consumers at competitive prices.” 

Today, Ananda Dairy is working in more than 6,000 villages in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, providing livelihood to more than three lakh farmers. It operates in 20 countries and plans to expand to 100 in the next three years.

Apart from working for farmers, he supports causes for animal welfare, social action, economic empowerment, health and social services. He firmly believes that “value for money” is not just about low prices, but offering the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

He has also been felicitated with an Honorary Degree, Specialising in Dairy, Food & Nutrition by California Public University, USA.

Ananda Dairy has also received recognition for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Its state-of-the-art facilities, diverse product portfolio, and focus on customer satisfaction have earned it accolades and certifications, cementing its position as a leader in the dairy sector.

As the future unfolds, Dr Dixit with his vision for excellence and community empowerment is poised to lead Ananda Dairy towards greater success and impact.