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At DevSparks 2024, industry leaders focus on how to transform real-time user engagement

Uncover the cutting-edge strategies and insights shared by industry experts, as they delve into AI's pivotal role in revolutionising real-time user engagement.

At DevSparks 2024, industry leaders focus on how to transform real-time user engagement

Thursday May 23, 2024 , 3 min Read

Industry leaders convened to discuss ‘AI in Action: Revolutionising Real-Time User Engagement’ in a dynamic roundtable at DevSparks 2024, YourStory's flagship developer summit held in Bengaluru. As businesses continue to invest in AI, with global spending on AI systems expected to reach around $200 billion globally by 2025, its importance in enhancing real-time interactions and user engagement across various sectors cannot be overstated.

The roundtable discussion explored how AI-driven personalisation, predictive analytics, and instant decision-making are crucial for developing personalised experiences that capture and retain customers.

Given that 85% of customer interactions are expected to be handled without human agents by 2025, the roundtable provided a crucial platform for sharing insights, experiences, and strategies for leveraging AI to drive innovation and improve user experience in today’s rapidly evolving business and technology landscape.

The roundtable brought together an impressive lineup of speakers, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from their respective fields:

  • Siddharth Gosh, Director - APAC, PubNub
  • George Palathinkal, Account Executive - India, PubNub
  • Pranabjyoti Bordoloi, AVP-Engineering, Junglee Games
  • Vaibhav Srivastava, Director - Retention and Analytics, Games24x7
  • Harmind Arora, Head - Design, PhonePe
  • Rana Hazarika, VP-Product Management, Paytm
  • Varun Sharma, Co-founder and COO, Jet Metaphy Labs
  • Kausal Malladi, VP-Engineering, INDmoney
  • Navneet Sharma, Co-founder, AirTribe

Key takeaways

The discussion highlighted the critical role of AI in enhancing customer service and user engagement. Companies can offer more personalised and efficient services by integrating AI into customer support systems. For instance, voice bots can handle customer queries at scale, reducing confusion and improving satisfaction. The potential to humanise AI by incorporating emotional elements into decision-making processes was also emphasised, aiming to build trust and improve user interactions.

AI's capabilities in fraud detection and risk management were extensively discussed. In the gaming industry, AI and ML are used to detect fraudulent activities and assess user risk. Similarly, real-time AI models in financial services help identify anomalies and prevent fraudulent transactions. The importance of developing robust security measures to combat sophisticated threats, such as voice cloning, was underscored.

PubNub's contributions to real-time user engagement were a significant highlight. The company’s platform enables the building, managing, and optimising of real-time interactions. Its work with clients like Swiggy for sentiment analysis, and fintech and gaming companies for fraud detection showcases the company’s ability to enhance user engagement and security. PubNub’s collaboration with ecosystem players like Hugging Face to provide machine-learning models for real-time stream analysis further emphasises its innovative approach to solving industry challenges.

AI's application in personalised education and career growth was another key theme. Platforms are leveraging AI to create customised learning experiences, using tools like MLMs, quizzes, and case studies to enhance user engagement. This approach not only improves learning outcomes but also aids in career development by tailoring content to individual needs.

The importance of real-time data analysis for product managers was highlighted, emphasising the need for rapid experimentation and decision-making. Tools like Illuminate enable product managers to make data-driven decisions quickly, enhancing product development speed and meeting user needs more effectively. The discussion also touched on the strategic use of AI in product intuition, prioritising speed to market, and improving personalisation through big data analysis.

Leveraging community and technology for career growth in India's tech industry was another focal point. The roundtable underscored the value of learning from the community, sharing experiences, and collaborating to drive technological advancements. This collective approach helps address industry challenges and achieve strategic objectives through innovation.

By harnessing AI's potential, companies can enhance user experiences, improve security, and drive innovation across various sectors. The discussions underscored the importance of continuous learning, collaboration, and ethical considerations in the evolving AI landscape.