2023 Royal Enfield Continental GT, Interceptor 650 launched with alloy wheels

Bookings for the updated 2023 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT have commenced across all company showrooms.

2023 Royal Enfield Continental GT, Interceptor 650 launched with alloy wheels

Thursday March 16, 2023 , 3 min Read

Royal Enfield recently grabbed attention globally by launching its flagship offering—Super Meteor 650. Based on the same platform as the other 650 Twins—Interceptor and Continental GT—the cruiser boasts some premium features offered by a Royal Enfield model for the first time.

Some of these features have now trickled into the other 650 twin models. For 2023, Royal Enfield has provided some nifty features to both 650 Twins, raising their premium quotient by a few notches. It is the most significant update offered to Interceptor and Continental GT since their launch in 2018.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

2023 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (above) and Interceptor 650 (below)

Prices for the updated Interceptor and Continental GT starts at Rs 3.03 lakh and Rs 3.19 lakh (both prices ex-showroom), respectively. As a result, both motorcycles have witnessed price hikes in the range of Rs 13,000 to Rs 16,000, when compared variant to variant.

New colourways on offer

The colour palette for the 650 Twins is updated with new options, lending fresh appeal to both bikes, despite minimal visual updates.

For instance, the 2023 Interceptor is available in four new paint schemes, including two blacked-out options—Black Ray and Barcelona Blue—and a new custom dual colourway, Black Pearl and Cali Green, in the solid colourway series. Existing options like Mark 2, Sunset Strip, and Canyon Red, are carried forward from the previous model.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

Interceptor 650 new colourways- Black Ray (L) and Barcelona Blue (R)

On the other hand, Continental GT 650 gets two new colourways—Slipstream Blue and Apex Grey—which will be offered alongside existing shades, including Mr Clean, Dux Deluxe, British Racing Green, and Rocker Red, from the pre-facelift model.

Alloy wheels added

The biggest takeaway from the latest iteration of 650 Twins is the long-awaited addition of alloy wheels, offered in selected colour schemes—Barcelona Blue and Black Ray for Interceptor and Slipstream Blue and Apex Grey for Continental GT. They will not be available as optional accessories even via the MiY configurator.

The alloy wheels on Continental GT are shod with Vredestein Centuro ST tyres, whereas in the Interceptor, they are wrapped with Ceat Zoom Cross tyres—both in tubeless form. While the addition of alloy wheels takes away the old-school retro charm of the motorcycles, they are certainly more convenient to use, particularly in case of punctures.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

Interceptor 650 highlights

However, the new alloy wheels have made both bikes heavier. The Interceptor is 16 kg heavier than before, tipping the weighing scales at 218 kg, whereas the Continental GT weighs 214 kg, making it 12 kg heavier than its spoked wheels counterparts.

More features added

Besides alloy wheels and new colourways, Royal Enfield added a few more features to the 650 Twins’ package, including a new switchgear borrowed from Super Meteor 650 consisting of rotary switches and aluminium switch cubes. Further, both models are now offered with an LED headlight as standard.

Royal Enfield 650 Twins

Continental GT 650 highlights

Royal Enfield also claims that the seats on both bikes are upgraded to offer more comfort. Finally, there is a new USB charging port located on the left switchgear.

No mechanical changes

Mechanical specs on both motorcycles have remained unchanged. Both bikes continue to be powered by a 648cc parallel-twin mill—now OBD 2-compliant—although its tune is slightly changed. This motor kicks out 47 bhp at 7,250rpm and a peak torque of 52.3 Nm at 5,250rpm while paired with a six-speed gearbox.

(Images courtesy: Royal Enfield)

Edited by Suman Singh