53% of web users in India came under cyberattack in 2023: Kaspersky

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53% of web users in India came under cyberattack in 2023: Kaspersky

Tuesday February 06, 2024 , 3 min Read

Over 50% of Indian web users came under cyberattack in 2023: Kaspersky

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky said in 2023, nearly two in five. i.e., 53% of the web users in India faced a form of internet born cyberattack. The Kaspersky Security Network report noted that cyberattacks via browsers and social engineering are the most prevalent methods of web infection.

Attacks via browsers remain the main way of spreading malicious programs. Kaspersky’s report showed that cybercriminals often exploit the vulnerabilities in browsers and their plugins to penetrate user systems. Users are usually attacked when they visit an infected website, which happens without the user’s knowledge and intervention and may involve the download of dangerous file-less malware.

Kaspersky’s report also revealed that social engineering is another major cyber threat in India and globally. In social engineering, the user is manipulated by the cybercriminal to download a malicious file and give control of the system to the criminal.

InsideFPV launches new series of drones

insideFPV, a drone manufacturing company, launched its Elevate V1 Series of products. Priced at Rs 1.5 lakh, it comes with a set of in-app features such as follow me, rocket, dronie, boomerang, flight point, flight route, circle, helix, panoramic, gesture photography, and delay shouting.

The drone features 4K high-definition video recording, a 20-megapixel camera, a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilisation system, remote and app control, a 105-minute flight time, a GPS positioning system, obstacle avoidance, level-7 wind resistance, and a removable/replaceable battery.

TCS bags multi-year deal from Europ Assistance

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has signed a multi-year deal with Europ Assistance, a leading travel insurance and assistance company, to provide a range of technology services.

As the strategic partner, TCS will step up its delivery centres in Europe and across geographies to provide end-to-end enterprise IT application services to Europ Assistance.

Europ Assistance supports nearly 300 million customers in over 200 countries and territories with travel, mobility, home and family, health, and concierge services.

This partnership will also see TCS leveraging its proprietary solution, ignio™ AIOps from its Digitate suite of offerings to enhance operational resilience and business agility.

Aston Martin Aramco renews partnership with NetApp

The Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team and NetApp, the data infrastructure company, have renewed their partnership, where NetApp has been designated as the team’s Global Data Infrastructure Partner.

NetApp has been a key partner to the team since it returned to Formula One racing in 2021 after more than 60 years away from the track. This partnership renewal builds on the previous three years of successful collaboration, empowering Aston Martin Aramco to use NetApp’s storage technology to instantly store, manage, and access the immense amounts of data the team needs to optimise its performance.

By leveraging the data NetApp stores and manages, the Aston Martin Aramco team reached the podium eight times, scored 280 points, and finished fifth in the Constructors’ Championship in the 2023 Formula One season.

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