Uber ties up with MOWO, aims to create jobs for women as Uber Eats delivery partners

In the initial phase, MOWO Social Initiatives Foundation will provide driver training to 150 women and transgender persons from non-urban cities, so that they can register as Uber Eats delivery partners.

Uber and MOWO have joined hands to skill women as food delivery partners for Uber Eats

With more and more women aspiring to join the food delivery sector, companies are ensuring they receive adequate skills and training to take up jobs.

In this regard, Uber on Tuesday announced a partnership with MOWO Social Initiatives Foundation that would enable women to gain skills in order to register as Uber Eats delivery partners and earn a livelihood.

The MoU was signed by Deepak Reddy, Head of Central Operation - Uber Eats, India, and Jai Bharathi A, Founder, MOWO Social Initiatives Foundation, in the presence of Harichandana Dasari, Commissioner, CSR, GHMC, and Swati Lakra, IG, Women’s Safety, Telangana Police.

This partnership is part of UberBhavishya, a nation-wide initiative to create entrepreneurship opportunities for women and trans persons.

The MOWO Social Initiatives Foundation will see driver-training being imparted to 150 women and transgender persons from non-urban cities in the initial phase.

The company will also provide a customised Uber Eats kit to each delivery partner, which will include a sleeveless apron, a delivery bag, a raincoat, a bike mounted mobile holder, pepper spray, and a mobile pouch for their utilisation.

Jai Bharathi of MOWO Social Initiatives Foundation said, “MOWO’s mission is to create a safe and reliable commute option “For and By Women”, and in doing so, empower women to become self-reliant and confident. MOWO was founded to empower women to be independent by helping them acquire driving skills, which can be used for travel, commute, or employment. We strongly believe in UberEats' policies of inclusivity and equal opportunity. Hence, we take immense pleasure in partnering with them in onboarding female delivery partners. We look forward to working with Uber Eats in making the workforce more gender balanced by bringing in more female delivery partners over the coming months.”

Commenting on the partnership, Deepak Reddy, Head of Central Operation - Uber Eats, India, said,

“Uber Eats is committed towards fostering a culture of inclusiveness and diversity and enabling livelihood opportunities across the country. We are honoured to partner with MOWO Social Initiatives to enable women from non-urban areas to acquire the required skills and earn a livelihood by using the Uber Eats App. We hope that these women will inspire and empower communities.

Uber continues to build upon such initiatives that have been instituted with the aim of creating entrepreneurship opportunities for women from across marginalised sections of society by skilling them and providing them with various avenues to help them earn a sustainable livelihood.


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