These motivational quotes by Sania Mirza will inspire you to chase your dreams

On the occasion of Sania Mirza’s 33rd birthday, we bring you quotes by the tennis superstar that will motivate you to dream big.

These motivational quotes by Sania Mirza will inspire you to chase your dreams

Friday November 15, 2019,

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Sania Mirza is a rebel on and off the court. She has been in the limelight for being the biggest tennis star the country has produced and probably the best female athlete in the country too.

However, just like injuries plagued her career, people and the media have also constantly doubted her ability to perform consistently. But, just like on the court, she has battled her naysayers and won accolades.

Born on November 15, 1986, the tennis ace celebrates her 33rd birthday today. The Hyderabad native took up tennis when was just six years old and became the highest ranked female player from India in singles. In 2013, she was forced to retire from singles competition and concentrate on doubles because of a career-threatening wrist injury. Her doubles career has flourished and propelled her to the numero uno spot in rankings. She has six Grand Slam titles, three each from women’s doubles and mixed doubles. 

Here are 12 quotes by the ‘badass rebel’ to prove that hard work and belief in your dreams will propel you forward, irrespective of what society and critics say. 

Sania Mirza quotes

“When I go out on court, I don't care what I look like. I don't care if I'm out of my bed as long as I win the match, and that's what I'm there for. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing, it doesn't matter what I look, it doesn't matter what my hair feels like. All I feel is the moment I have to play well, give my 100 percent and win the match.”

“When I used to say I wanted to play at Wimbledon, they used to laugh in my face and say, 'What are you talking about, you're from Hyderabad, and you're supposed to... cook.' 

“I enjoy taking risks. You always have to take risks.”

“As a young girl, I used to dream of giving an interview. You dream of stardom as a kid. People think they don't want to be stars. Everyone wants to be a star! That's the truth. Even grownups; they pretend they don't want to be one and don't care. But everyone wants to.”

“Relish challenge of defying all odds stacked against you”

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“As I came to the limelight, the media asked me many questions. A lot many moral policing... 'Wear this, wear that, why a T-shirt?' Everybody has the right to form their opinions, and I have the right to ignore them.”

“I don’t play to prove a point. I play for my country and myself. If I fell I have the ability to achieve something and I’ll keep trying till I succeed.”

“As long as I am winning, people shouldn’t care whether my skirt is six inches long or six feet long.”

“Everyone has attitude, and I think everyone should have attitude. But I know I have attitude, but that's just, I think if you don't have attitude, it comes only with self confidence. So if you don't have self confidence, you won't have attitude, and I think there's a difference when you have attitude and when you have arrogance.”

“Negativity sells. I have been labelled a rebel. If I had been one, would I have got married at 23? Would I have been a straight A student?”

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)