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Safe choices: 4 careers with high job security

With many jobs shrinking in importance, you might be wondering what careers boast a lot of job security. Whether you've had very bad luck with layoffs in the past, are looking to restart your career or just looking to begin it, you should probably look to land a position that has a little bit of security. Consider any of these four careers if you're looking for a safe bet.

Safe choices: 4 careers with high job security

Wednesday September 06, 2017,

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Surprisingly, of all medical professionals, dentists have some of the best job security. Many dentists are generalists who work for their own private practice, although some are specialists, such as in orthodontics or oral surgery. Dentists are required to attend dental school, do a residency and must be licensed to practice in their state.


Marketing Professionals

The marketing department is usually one of the last departments to see cuts. The reason for this is simple: corporate executives know their companies cannot remain in business without effective marketing and outreach. Market analysts in particular often have very strong job security because companies want to use their marketing dollars wisely. Marketing professionals typically have a degree in marketing, although skilled salespeople might be able to leverage their experience and success to land marketing positions.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians will always be needed to install new HVAC systems or maintain existing ones. HVAC technicians do not only work on heating and cooling systems in private homes, they also set up and maintain commercial units. Because every building that has a heating or cooling system has need of HVAC technicians, the occupation is very secure. To become an HVAC technician, you can complete a certificate or associate's degree program at a trade school like the HVAC Technical Insititute or a similar institution. Completing an apprenticeship is also an education option for aspiring HVAC technicians.

IT Professionals

With nearly every business going digital, IT professionals are more in demand than ever. That demand is even expected to increase further as more and more businesses become dependent on their IT departments, so it should come as no surprise to see this occupation on the list. Companies need people who can maintain and troubleshoot their existing technology, as well as make good purchasing decisions for new tech. Aspiring IT professionals normally obtain a degree in computer science. There are a number of different IT specializations, including support, administration and network architecture.

Job security is an important factor to look at when considering a career path. There may be some careers that are shrinking and dying off, but there are just as many taking their place. These four top the list when it comes to job security.