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Insiders Guide To Home Improvement In Singapore

Are you looking for the ways to give your home an elegant makeover without spending a lot of money? Imagination, creativity, and an open mind will do wonders in the entire home up-gradation process. 

Wednesday January 11, 2017,

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Are you looking for the ways to give your home an elegant makeover without spending a lot of money? Imagination, creativity, and an open mind will do wonders in the entire home up-gradation process. There is so much to be learned, transformed, created, and combined when you upgrade your home. If you have the will, with or without the money, you will have the way. Let’s get started!

Make Beautiful Surfaces With Decorative Concrete

Just get ready to make beautiful surfaces with the decorative concrete. Basically, there are two types of decorative concrete. Colored concrete –the most widely used one that adds so much color to your floors and walls, and it's fairly easy to make. All you need to do is combine coloring agents, usually containing chromium, to the concrete mixture that you're going to pour over the existing concrete. Anyone can mix the colors, and a lot of colors can be achieved by mixing different proportions of the coloring agents.

The other one is stamped concrete, which requires more work than simply mixing things up, but the effect is nonetheless amazing. As the named suggests, usually a mold of your chosen design is stamped into the concrete and left to dry. The designs can be anything you want and they always leave a very eye-catching and wonderful impression on any surface you want done. You can even combine the two types for a really personalized touch.

Go For Luxury Vinyl Composition Tiles

Vinyl composition tiles (VCT) were first presented in Chicago at an Exposition during the World War II days and they caught the attention of the public due to its versatility. When it comes to the vinyl flooring tiles, it has two types; solid vinyl tiles, which is a purer form of vinyl as it contains high vinyl content and vinyl composite tiles, which contains a higher percentage of fillers and additives.

VCT tends to vary in characteristics on the basis of the composition of the material. This variance in characteristics leads to more choices in terms of whether you want to install the vinyl tile in the doorway, bathroom or living room.

Play With The Right Paint Type

Many homeowners overlook the importance of knowing which type will provide the best performance and visual appeal. When you only look at the decorative element and price factors, they are insufficient indicators. Knowing the different kinds is a very important element in the decision making process. When you spend sufficient time to study the important and relevant facts concerning paints and colors, you will be able to compare the pros and cons. The end result will be an intelligent and well informed choice.

Water based paints are simple to apply. You can use them straight from the can. It is generally less expensive than the oil type. Most popular in the market are the acrylic latex paint based which has the best binders. Positive traits are splatter-resistant, easy to apply and clean, eco-friendly, high chip resistant and odor free. It is available in many colors and sheens.

Oil based or alkyd paints are usually the ones used by professional painters. When compared with latex type, they are very durable and have a more distinctive look. It is stain resistant and is suitable for high traffic areas and interior trims and cabinets. Downside is it is a bit difficult to work and clean up with. Moreover, it has a strong odor because of the solvent and takes longer time to dry. Other types of paints are; Elastomeric, Direct to Metal (DTM), epoxy, urethane and natural old fashioned paint. They serve special functions and ideal for different surfaces.