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Application store optimization: The best way for better app visibility

As the markets are flooded with numerous engaging and user-friendly apps, it is not easier to shine among them. Among several online marketing techniques, Application Store Optimization is the most efficient & favourable for improving the app’s visibility.

Application store optimization: The best way for better app visibility

Tuesday April 10, 2018,

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Today, the world of mobile apps and websites is emerging as a wide source of information and entertainment. According to the facts, users spent 90% of their time accessing the mobile apps which is more than the average time spent on surfing the websites. Numerous applications are launched in the market, but only a few of them get popular on the app store and Play store. 

Even if the modern app development techniques are improved and advanced now, it is quite challenging to develop an app that will capture the users’ attention. Earlier the success of any app is laid down in its development process but now, several marketing strategies are implemented and App Store Optimization is one of them.

Application Store Optimization (ASO) is a crucial technique or a process to improve the app’s visibility on the app stores among the top searches. ASO is the best process for enhancing the existing popularity of the app in the market in order to drive huge traffic to the app store with the increased number of installs. 

In the world of mobile app marketing, maintaining & improving the existing position of the app is necessary in order to enhance its visibility on the App Store’s charts. Moreover, it is obvious that the users’ interest and attention automatically steer towards the top services & products and that’s why the App Store Optimization technique is utilized by most of the app developers and publishers.

However, ASO is a result-oriented process as it is all about deploying various marketing strategies properly. That’s why there is a need for a marketing analyst or an expert who is proficient to optimize the app’s visibility and make better ROI. Following are the basic steps covered under the process of Application Store Optimization:

Using the most searched keywords

Keyword research is the most effective process and it is also implemented for website’s SEO. With this step, the keyword related to the app will capture the visitors’ attention with every single search and they will definitely visit the app page. 

Moreover, it is a fact that numerous applications are already available in the app store which is existing as the tough competitors and that’s why it is necessary to use appropriate keywords for accelerating the organic traffic on the app with the help of built-in search engine of the play store.

Content describing the features & uses of the app

Every visitor tends to know more about the app before installing it. With the help of keyword rich content including informative and well-defined descriptions, the users will get more information regarding the functionalities & features of the app. Also, the description must be serious and balanced.

App’s name & logo

Along with the app’s name, its logo must be relevant to its use. For example, the name of a photo editor app must contain the synonyms of a camera, photo, editing, and more. So, the app’s name & icon are visible while searching the related app on the Play store and thus, both of them must look appropriate.

Implementing all these strategies is necessary in order to popularize any app and enhance its existing visibility on the App Store. That’s why the process of Application Store Optimization is considered very advantageous and result-oriented by the SEOs.

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