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How to create free email automation for your business

How to create free email automation for your business

Friday May 12, 2017,

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Email is a very effective and absolutely zero costing method for sending information nowadays.Because of this is the most effective tools for businesses to share the desired product and services to targeted customers.A well draft email not only showcase your stuff but engage your audience also.It can push the audience to visit your store which may convert your sales finally.You can also personalize your stuff to your customer which makes them more pleased and loyal.For example by sending greetings on their birthday or anniversary make them feels special.This will increase your Brand Loyalty and create an opportunity of up selling to you.

The Main hurdle to do Email Marketing is that most of small business owner thought that this is a very technical things or they need heavy set up and highly paid professionals service.With this in mind small business owners are not taking full advantage of this very effective method of marketing.Although they don,t have time to respond every customers according to their segmentation and interest.

Now whats the solution?

All this could be resolved by Email Automation .Email Automation service is a process by which you can start communicating your customers form visibility to final conversion and moreover after that up selling and re marketing. All these things can be done by just setting one time set up and there is no need to worry about.Every thing will be happen as per schedule and with personalize effect too.

Is this amazing or not ?

Now you will think that i have to purchase some service setup or software for all these.What if i say that all these are absolutely free.Is it like that ? absolutely yes.

Mail chimp is a premium email marketing service provider has announced free email marketing automation service for all without any condition.In it official announcement mail chimp says that by considering the need of small business owners and towards there vision to spreading to large section of business they have introduced this absolutely free services of Email Automation.

In this service you will find following features.

Marketing Automation -Pitch your product with a suitable templates and scheduling,segmenting,personalized and targeting as per your business goals.

Facebook integration-This unique facility will enable you to integrate your campaign with Facebook to get more reach and interaction .

Empty cart campaign– This facility will target those who add your product to cart but not purchased.

For more information click here.

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