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The Blogging Hacks- the story of a mompreneur and a platform for aspiring bloggers

The Blogging Hacks- the story of a mompreneur and a platform for aspiring bloggers

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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 Sania Gupta

 Sania Gupta

Ours is a society that has time and again failed working mothers. Because the system fails to provide any support or encouragement to moms who are willing to pursue their career goals, most of them either quit or fail miserably in their professional lives. Yet there remain numerous stories of women who battle against all odds to become an inspiration for others. This is the story of one such woman blogger who believes in the financial independence of every woman. We are here talking about Sania Gupta, who is the founder of a popular blog “The Blogging Hacks”. Her blog aims at driving change and leading transformation in the lives of readers.

The blog that launched in June 2016 drives a lot of traffic from around the globe. Hers is a blog that maintains high-quality standards and rich look and feel. Through her blog, she is empowering women in large numbers by helping them explore different work-from-home and make money online opportunities. Before this blog was started, her work was purchased by an eclectic mix of publications, including writing, career and technology blogs.

Sania loves being called the writing monkey and vividly remembers how she always enjoyed writing as a kid. However, her passion for writing faded with the increasing burden of studies. After her masters in Computer Applications, she resolved herself with a full-time job. As the events in her life unfolded, she sacrificed her day job to become a stay-at-home parent. She, however, decided not to settle for anything low in her career life and established herself as a freelance writer. A young, vibrant and a dynamic woman, she believes in shaking the lives of people with her work. Talking to her readers, you get to know how much positive change she has already brought into their lives.

On conducting a market research, Sania analyzed that there is no Indian blog that caters to the needs of stay-at-home wives or moms. Our society is undergoing a paradigm shift. These days, almost every woman is keen on earning money by doing something. They have started believing in the power of financial independence, but they don’t know where to start and how to start. And, this is exactly where the primary role of her startup “Blogging Hacks” comes into play. Besides providing extensive information on her weblog, she also conducts workshops and one-to-one sessions on Blogging and Women Empowerment.

Sania recalls how her journey as a Blogger has not been an easy one. In fact, she describes it as a roller-coaster ride. She contended against all the odds to get a handsome amount as a freelance author. And now, after five years of being a freelance writer, she recalls a series of steps, which she had to follow in order to be successful as she is today. Her journey started with the short listing of available options like content writing, blogging, and article writing. Her success mantra lies in making her objectives clear from day one. To start with, she decided to focus her writings on Technology and Career niche. Meanwhile, she used different resources on the internet to hone her Blogging skills. Today, her different sources of revenues are Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, workshops, and personal sessions.

The key activities of her company include the publication of information rich articles in the field of Blogging, Freelance Writing, Work-from-home, and Self Improvement. She recently launched a campaign “BloggingAnecdotes” on her blog that highlights the stories of influencing Entrepreneurs. Besides publishing high-quality content on her blog, she also conducts workshops, talk shows, and one-to-one sessions.

Through her blog, she has carved a permanent niche for herself as a successful Blogger. With her dedication and perseverance, she has built a platform that is sought after by every aspiring Blogger or Freelance Writer. Finally, she looks back to realize how far she has come as a successful Mompreneur.