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WhatsApp marketing guide - creating profitable WhatsApp campaigns

Find out how to create a profitable WhatsApp marketing strategy for your next WhatsApp marketing campaign.

WhatsApp marketing guide - creating profitable WhatsApp campaigns

Wednesday November 29, 2017,

7 min Read

Step by Step Guide To Creating A Profitable WhatsApp Marketing Strategy for your business.

Step by Step Guide To Creating A Profitable WhatsApp Marketing Strategy for your business.

I wrote previous articles in this community about WhatsApp Marketing Strategy and List of WhatsApp Marketing Software, Tools, Scripts and other solutions earlier and have received a lot of good response from them. If you haven't yet read the previous articles. I ask you to first go through them to get the basics of WhatsApp Marketing.

I am writing a couple of more articles since a lot of people have been asking me about how do you run a profitable WhatsApp marketing campaign and how do you make sure that you get the best ROI in terms of revenue, income and profits.

This is the first article in the series of article I will be posting in the coming days related to WhatsApp marketing.

Why it's important to define your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Just like any other marketing channels, WhatsApp is pre-dominantly been used in various parts of the world now as one of the latest mobile marketing strategy. That's because of the penetration that has been picked up by WhatsApp as the main and primary channel for communication in the day to day lives of people. Whether you are talking with your friends & family or you are communicating with your team mates and professional relationships. WhatsApp is a very simple tool, and yet intuitive tool which makes it one of the most used mobile app for anyone's day to day life.

But, when you are planning to run any kind of WhatsApp marketing campaign. You need to make sure that you have a plan for starting the communication, engaging with your contact list, and also have a follow up sequence in place because when you start running any kind of WhatsApp advertising & marketing campaigns. The volume of response are significantly higher and you need to keep the communication instant & quick. If you don't give a prompt reply to the queries generated via WhatsApp. You not only lose the trust & rapport with your prospects, customers & clients but also can lose a lot of revenue and profits because of not being able to reply on time. So, make sure these following things are in place before you start running your outreach campaigns via WhatsApp:

1. Use The Right WhatsApp marketing Tool

There are plenty of WhatsApp Marketing Software, WhatsApp Marketing Script, WhatsApp Marketing Panel, and WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers, WhatsApp Marketing Companies which are providing various kinds of WhatsApp Marketing Solutions. But, depending on the scale of your marketing campaigns and how you want to utilize WhatsApp as part of the various marketing channels. You need to decide yourself that whether you will need a permanent WhatsApp marketing tool or you will be fine with going for a WhatsApp marketing service provided by a 3rd party vendor.

Perfect WhatsApp marketing tool will allow you to not only run outreach WhatsApp campaigns but also do other activities like filter your WhatsApp contacts, use Profile Picture and Status message as marketing spots, help keep log of incoming replies of your campaigns and also auto-reply with specific keywords that you define as a response in your campaigns.

I have posted a huge list of resources in my previous article for you to take reference.

2. Define Your Media Format

Using WhatsApp marketing you can send text, image, video, PDF files.

Text Messages - Unlike SMS, which is limited to only 160 characters. You can send messages on WhatsApp with upto 3,000 characters. This gives you the chance to use creative marketing copies, and run a strategic sequences of campaigns targeting the understanding of your audience. You can run special promotions, one time offers, and also build relationships with your list before engaging them with any commercial offerings.  

Photos & Images - The best part about using images & photos in your WhatsApp campaigns is that it's hard to resist for anyone downloading and looking into the image on WhatsApp. You can have a food & special menu for a restaurant, or an invitation to an event, or if you are into tech business or mobile apps business, you can even promote your QR Codes and special sign up offers. There are so many ways that you can use images to speak more then words will ever do. And get much better response with a call to action in your images.

Video Messages - Remember the video intro that you published on your website? Or may be your product demo video, or may be the latest advertorial on the TV channel about your product? You can even use your client's testimonials, case studies, etc. to engage with your prospects via WhatsApp by sharing them interactive videos.

PDF FilesWhatsApp now allows you to even share PDF files with your contacts! You can send brochure, proposals, pamphlets, and even combine lots of product images and convert them into one single PDF file. Many B2C & B2B marketers are using WhatsApp to share their new product lines, product announcements, special offers by sharing their details in PDF files.

3. Launch Your Business Using WhatsApp Launch Formula

I was reading this article written by WhatsApp Guy (Prominent 7 figure WhatsApp marketer), The State of WhatsApp Marketing. The author mentioned how WhatsApp has evolved into much more then just a regular marketing tool. You can define time period for running a sequence of messaging for a particular product promotion, special offer, or time sensitive promotion for your products & services. And this results into massive boost in sales during a very short timeline. After reading that single article, I ended up reading all the articles on that website. And this opened up my way of thinking about how to launch products using WhatsApp.

In fact, WhatsApp is the only tool that can allow you to reach 1000s of people within few minutes by just pressing few buttons (if you have automation tool to do that!). And it doesn't requires you to have a huge fans, following, likes, shares, and friend list to actually get your message out.

Instead of treating WhatsApp marketing is one time campaign. You should define several messages in sequence to each other which indirect leads them into a launch which not only helps you build relationship with your list (without annoying them!), but also builds value for the long term by giving your brand or a company it's own presence in the minds of your customers & clients. 

Once, you start observing how your campaigns are performing with a strategic sequences of automated WhatsApp messaging campaigns. It's time to take the next step and evolve.

4. Taking the next step, Expanding Your Contact List

Once, you have gained some traction with your previous campaigns. It's time to expand your list of WhatsApp contacts. And take it to bigger numbers bringing larger response and boosting even more income and revenue for your business.

You can use various lead generation tools such as Local Extractor, JustDial Extractor, IndiaMart Extractor, TradeIndia Extractor to find highly target list of mobile numbers from any business category and demography.

Once, you have your list of prospects, customers & clients mobile numbers. You can use WhatsApp as a marketing tool to filter WhatsApp active numbers. And launch your marketing campaigns to this list of cold prospects.

5. Build Your Email List For Long Term Relationship With Your Clients

After all kinds of various activities, it's always best to segment people to opt-in for your email list by either using Lead Magnets, or Free Report, Or may be free video training where people subscribe to your email newsletters, and then you can run more relationship building email series to enhance your brand value.

What Next?

It's time for you to get started with WhatsApp marketing today! And let me know how you are executing your WhatsApp marketing strategy for your market.

Right now, not many people are utilizing WhatsApp as a marketing tool and wondering about the high budget and low response from various other paid mediums. It's just with time, your competitor next door might be utilizing WhatsApp to expand their business. Take the first step, and make the early mover advantage quadruple your business this year and beyond.