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10 Tips for caring for seniors and elderly parents

Parents play an important part in shaping our lives. It won’t be wrong to say that most parents work very hard all their lives to give the best upbringing to their children. 

10 Tips for caring for seniors and elderly parents

Friday July 21, 2017,

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Adult Care Giving

Adult Care Giving

Parents play an important part in shaping our lives. It won’t be wrong to say that most parents work very hard all their lives to give the best upbringing to their children. Hence it becomes the child’s responsibility to see to it that the parents get to live a stress-free and secure retired life. But taking care of old parents can sometimes drain you physically and financially. The hustle and bustle of the current day life style makes it nearly impossible to tend to elderly at home. It calls for the services of emotionally matured and empathetic personnel. Ensure to avail such services to enable you to lead a guilt free life and at the same time keep your parents happy too. However, care must be exercised in zeroing on the right and able home care service agents.

Let’s go through few tips of adult caregiving so that the main caregiver does not feel burdened:

1. Have a support system:

When you are surrounded by people like your friends, extended family, siblings etc. who are willing to help you out, why do it alone? But then, you need to draw a line when it comes to seeking help from the close circuit. At best, it could be a one time obligation and not a recurring source of comfort. Spread your net wide to scout for a professional elder care agency. There are a lot of home care services that provide basic to essential support such as shopping for daily groceries, cooking, laundry, visits to the doctors, spa and salon trips, etc.

2. Support from far away relatives:

 People who reside far away and are not physically present can help by just making phone calls to the elders daily. Talking itself is therapeutic for old people. You could also assist them by paying bills online or guiding them in financial matters.

3. Use public welfare benefits: 

Government runs a number of healthcare services that provide low cost or free checkups for the old. Caregiver must make use of these benefits. It will help them to keep a track of their parents' health and that too at a reduced cost.

4. Organized visits to the doctor: 

Participate in elder care services like taking your parents to the doctors. In order to prepare for the doctor’s visit keep all your questions ready. This should also include contact details of the doctor in case of any queries. Also, it’s important to carry details of their medical history, current medication, and dosage. Help your parents to understand their medicines along with recommended changes in their diet.

5. Safety against scams: 

Elderly people who are not too tech savvy might find it difficult to understand a lot of today’s hi-tech gadgets and processes and can get conned. It is also important to protect them from rushing into any financial deals where they can lose their money.

6. Insurance: 

It is very important to invest in an insurance policy or mediclaim for your parents. This will ensure that they remain stress-free and feel protected about their future.

7. Exercise and diet: 

It’s good to accompany your parents for morning and evening walks. It will not only make them feel refreshed but would also serve as an opportunity for you to spend some time together. Paying attention to diet is equally important. They may not be able to consume much at their age hence it is important to feed them a nutritious and a healthy meal.

8. Community programs: 

There are organizations that run parent care services. These organizations don’t just help with smooth treatment of the patients but also take care of their transportation to the hospital, paperwork and other formalities. They even offer home maintenance, transport, food, and maid services.

9. Gather information:

 You should gather information about any illness or disease that your parents are suffering from. You can even join forums or support groups of people with similar diseases. This will help you to be prepared for the future.

10. Keep your resources alive: 

Some people may be prepared to leave their jobs to look after their parents. But they need to first think about the pros and cons like losing the insurance cover benefit provided by their employer etc. Also, there may be a possibility of not getting another job opportunity soon. Hence it is better to speak about it with the current employer and check the possibility of flexible working hours.

The biggest responsibility of the elderly person lies with the daily caregiver. Hence it is important for the caregiver to stay healthy physically and mentally. It is important that they get some time for themselves to unwind or engage in relaxing activities like meditation, yoga, visiting peaceful or religious places etc. If the caregiver feels irritated and exhausted they may not be able to perform their duties efficiently. The above tips will allow the senior and elderly people to live a respectful life with your love and affection.

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