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Free Digital Marketing Tools to help Indian Startups

Let's dive into the sea of efficient and free Digital Marketing that can help to startupreneurs of India to generate more leads through their website.

Free Digital Marketing Tools to help Indian Startups

Tuesday March 12, 2019,

5 min Read

I’m sure you’ll agree that using free marketing tools makes a lot more sense than the alternative:

Paying for an enterprise solution and then crossing your fingers that the team actually uses it.

That’s because investing in a variety of different martech tools can be so darn expensive.

And so, you need some free options that can help get the job done.

Luckily for you, I’ve put together a list of different free marketing tools you can try out for your business.

Excited? Then let’s get started.

#1 PushEngage - Web Push Notifications

PushEngage - PushEngage lets website owner send Web Push Notifications to its customers. Going Live is easy and in 5 minutes, you can start collecting Push Notification Subscribers, and send notifications to them.

Plans: Free for 2500 subscribers and 120 push notifications per month. Premium plan starting at $29 USD /month.

#2 Hootsuite - Schedule Social Media Posts

Social Media has become backbone for all the businesses. Businesses loose 1 out 5 costumer if they are not on social media.

Managing multiple social media channels altogether needs a dedicated full time employee and hiring an extra employee costs much on company yearly budget as well.

Do you agree?

Here's why you need a social media bulk schedule handler. Hootsuite helps in scheduling the content on social media.

You can schedule a number of posts to social media for free through it.

You get a view of up to 3 social channels, some basic analytics, and the ability to schedule content – all for free.

Plans: Free for 3 social profiles. Premium plan starting at $30 USD /month.

#3 Hubspot CRM - Costumer Relationship Management

Handling contacts and Emails during prospecting is most critical and time consuming part for startup founders and usually the founder is the road runner in creating such email campaigns.

Atleast, managing prospects journey, tracking the client communication, and following up is time consuming to me. I needed a substiute to save my time and here's what I got.

Plans: Free forever for unlimited contacts. Premium plans are available for different needs.

#4 HemingwayApp - writer guide

This 100 percent free platform helps you write crisp, clear copy that “makes sure that your reader will focus on your message, not your prose.” The self-described “spellchecker, but for style” costs nothing to use and can easy elevate blog, email and website copy to a new level.

Plans: Free forever.

#6 PhantomBuster - Social Media Automation

If you need outbound reach and need some good tools to extract that then this tool can help you with many thing to get data from any social media. It gives free access to a few tools but you if you are seriously a good marketer and know how to utilise the tool then you can buy or even try multiple free accounts to save money.

PS: If you know how to automate things for followers and likes and how does automation helps in multitasking without loosing credibility of brand then this a tool that I can totally rely on.

Plans: Free plan available. Paid plans starting at $30 USD /month.

#7 Canva - Chota and easy Photoshop

Canva gives you the ability to create stunning designs to use in your digital marketing, even if your previous experience is limited to using Paint and Clip Art images.

PS: If you are not an Photohop and Illustrator expert and need some graphics then this is a good tool to try. It has 100s of free designs that you can use after a few tweaks.

Plans: Free plans available. Paid plans starting at $12.95 USD /month.

#8 Tawk.to - free chatbox

Tawk.to is a free website messaging app that allows you to chat with anyone browsing your website in real time. Being able to assist with enquiries and handle objections on the spot can dramatically increase your conversion rates and can cut out the time consuming back and forth of email communication.

Plans: Free forever.

#9 Hotjar - website Heat Map tool

Hotjar helps you better understand your web and mobile users through the use of heat maps, scroll maps, recordings and form analysis. This data can help you uncover the pain points your users experience with your website and find the areas that are harming your conversions.

Plans: Free plans available (2,000 pageviews / day). Paid plans starting at $29 USD / month (10,000 pageviews / day).

#10 Yandex Matrica - Recordable Website Analytics

Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google so of course, they have their own Analytics.

Yandex Metrika is good for two things the most.

  • Free heatmaps — Heatmaps basically show where people click on your website. Most heatmap tools are paid but this is not and it’s pretty good
  • Video recording — When you enable it Yandex gives you the opportunity to watch what users are doing on your website. Yep video. You can’t see the passwords of the users but you can see everything else so use this with caution and make sure you mention it in your Terms of service

Plans: Free forever.

#11. ManyChat - Facebook Messenger bot

ManyChat lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support. It`s easy and free.

Plans: Free forever. Premium features available at 10 US Dollars per month

If you know any other tool that comes with free plan as well and have excellent features to grow online then kindly drop your dollars below. I am keen to know more tools that I don't know.

Happy Marketing :)