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11 things keep in mind before developing a mobile app

Mobile app development is not an easy thing. It demands a lot of considerations before you are up to create a useful, creative and friendly app. Hence, check out the important things and proceed carefully to develop a successful app.

11 things keep in mind before developing a mobile app

Monday May 28, 2018,

6 min Read

A great idea is not just enough to have a great app. You have to think over how can you get that app build? Great things always come with some important factor considerations and the same is with creating a mobile app.

The mobile world is growing rapidly. Businesses are transforming into online ventures. Hence, you should have a business app, if you want to stay ahead in the competition. So, some obvious questions will definitely strike your mind when you decide upon developing a smartphone app.

Market statistics show that the demand for mobile applications and mobile phones is increasing consistently. But, the increasing numbers should never be the compromising factor behind the quality of mobile apps. In fact, the developers should always ensure high-quality mobile app development solutions so that they can become easy to use and useful for a business.

While working with Kunsh Technologies - Hybrid Mobile App Development Company and being in close contact with their app developers I have noted some of the key points that should always be considered before they are developing a mobile application.


1. Deep Research of Market

Before entering into the development of your app, proper understanding and research of the market is essential. A thorough market analysis helps you get an insight about how your competitors are doing and what their strategies, strengths and weaknesses are. This useful information will help you safeguarding from further mistakes that your competitors have made. Generally, the researchers overlook customer reviews. You can have a glance over these reviews to know what they like and dislike about a particular type of app. This strategy will help you win over the customers of your competitors.

2. Efficiency Level

I have always followed a rule that if you are doing something that do it will 100% efficiency and accuracy. This is what users expect from every mobile application. Here, the efficiency related to data efficiency. Smartphone apps that excessively use 3G or 4G data are generally downloaded and forgotten. If you don’t want your app to be among those ones, then make sure that it uses data efficiently, instead of consuming more data.

3. Bring Something Different

Did you ever noticed why restaurant nearby your home has created a huge buzz?

People always tend to visit new places and try new things as they always want something new and fresh. Human beings generally get bored of something very easily. The same goes with the mobile applications as well.

Hence, you have to bring something new to attract the audience. When there are millions of smartphone applications are available, mobile users do not like repetitiveness and wish to be served something new and exciting. So, you should create something interesting to keep the users engaged.

4. Avoid User Waiting

When your app takes too much time in loading, the user may lose strings and the efforts may go wasted. This gives them the notion that the app might be a malfunction. It also creates a negative impact in the mind of the users and give them a bad experience.

To avoid feeding bad things to your user’s mind, always go with the loading indicators and animations to assure them that the mobile app is still working, but it is just waiting for the phone network. It is always better to give a progressive indicator.

5. Correctly Price Your Mobile App

Pricing is a challenging and crucial task that should not be ignored. You should have priced your mobile phone correctly. Pricing any product can be easier, but it is difficult for a mobile app. There consists a number of factors that a developer needs to consider while putting the correct price of the application.

6. Know Your Target Audience

It is always important to define who you target audience are as it plays a huge impact on the development of your mobile application. You should consider who will be using the app and how it is going to help them. If you have already gone through some kind of surveys or had researches beforehand, that will be an added advantage.

7. Mastering One Platform

Here comes another most important question before you are moving on the way to develop your mobile app that on how many platforms you are going to launch your mobile app. If you want my personal suggestion, then I would suggest you to master one platform first and then start preparing the app to be launched on different other platforms.

8. Focus on the Marketing Strategy

It is always important to create a buzz when you are launching something in the online business world. This helps you bring the overwhelming responses. You should start marketing your mobile app at the appropriate time.

Majority of mobile app developers and businesses fail in successfully executing their marketing plan. The actual marketing however should be started 2 to 3 weeks prior to the launching of the app so that the users may know what new is arriving in the market.

9. App Testing Before Market Launch

Testing your mobile application before it is launching in the market is important. You should have a prior experience about the usage, look and feel of the app before it reaches the target audience. The app should actually be creative, user-friendly, easy to understand and deliver high performance. Testing it before the launch date will help you to iron out the nooks and crannies before it reaches the market. Recruit the beta testers after alpha testing of your app and try to improvise over the things. You can also try different app testing tools available in the market and organize the best test sessions.

10. Emphasize on Description

Description always play an important role with readers as well as SEO point of view. People who are checking your mobile app for the first time in iTunes App Store or Google Play, they will read its description first. If your description fails to be understood by someone, it will lose the choice of downloading the app by the reader.

You should create catchy description to describe your app and convert your users into potential customers.

11. Know your Budget in Advance

All the steps included in the mobile app development process involve money. Hence, it is always essential to know your budget and allocate it properly among all the stages of app development. You can appoint someone to have a strict eye over the entire financial matter related to your app development process so that no money would get wasted.