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10 Social Media Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

10 Social Media Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

10 Social Media Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

6 min Read

Social media marketing has become an ultimate necessity in the current scenario as more and more people are now connecting through these platforms. This is one of the reasons for utilizing such platforms for building a brand name and finding your identity among the competitors. 

Listed below are the social media strategies that marketers can adapt to ensure business growth:

1.) Creating user engagement on social media platform through content

The very first thing that you need to understand is how you should engage your users. With content being the king, you should post things that is informative , useful and is interesting for your users. First you should analysis who your target audience is and then study what are they interested into.

Most of the brands now run some or the other contest and quiz's to engage with their users on social media platform. Tagging your customers for increased reach is another way to increase user engagement.  Also, your content must be original and unique if you want to build a strong customer base.

2.)  Leveraging paid ads for lead generation and brand awareness

To initiate lead generation, you need to develop marketing strategies that show relevant products to the people who are willing to buy them. If you target the wrong set of audiences through the paid ads who are not interested in your products, then there are fewer chances that you might generate decent leads. On the flip side, if you are successful in targeting the right set of audiences, you will be successful in generating leads.

3.) Use the right set of hashtags and keywords

You need to analyze the keywords and research the hashtags before using them for any of your marketing campaigns. By figuring out the frequency of the posts related to your chosen hashtags, you can see which one of them is used the most and can be utilized for future use.

Another way is to use your brand as a hashtag. Apart from that, you can also use slogans or keywords which are designed for specific marketing campaigns. Initiate giveaways or use the hashtags according to the current season if you want more and more consumers to reach out to you through the online medium. Take up a social media marketing course, to understand the importance of keywords and how they can be used in favour of building a brand name and reach out to more people across the social media platforms.

4.) Track every campaign through pixels

Tracking pixels can help in monitoring the online conversion behaviour. For instance, there are certain actions that lead a user to reach your website, i.e., either through email or ads. You can use this information to understand from where you are getting the maximum traffic from and utilize that information to get conversions.

5.) Track your social media campaign and traffic sources through analytics

Use UTM code in your url to analysis the source of traffic. You will be able to differentiate from which source / medium and campaign you are getting traffic. Accordingly you can devise your future marketing strategy and also channelize your sources to get better results.  

With better and accurate analysis of your analytic data, you can get information related to every business aspect at a given instance of time, which can affect your business decisions to a great extent.

6.) Having relevant landing pages to capture leads

Start working on your landing page’s design as that would be the first thing that a customer will take a look at and would not want to turn them away with a bad design. The next thing is to work on the call-to-action option, which is necessary to trigger action in case a consumer wishes for a service request. For this, can provide them with a newsletter, registration form, free trial, or ask them to contact you.

In addition, you can add testimonials from your customers, which are real as that would help the audience realize your authenticity. You can also highlight the benefits your offer along with the offers provided by you on the landing page.

7.) Developing effective campaigns to drive traffic

By developing campaigns that cater to the requirements of your consumers, you can garner significant returns and conversions. The campaigns need to be structured, clear and should be made with the perspective of targeting a given set of audiences. For this, you need to be aware of the latest trends which are favoured by the audiences and plan out marketing strategies around them.

8.) Understand from where are you receiving online traffic

You need to understand your brand and figure out the ways to garner traffic on your website. This is necessary to initiate campaigns relevant to the different platforms from where you might be garnering conversions.

9.) Believe in delivering quality content

There is a lot of content available online, but the users often consume the same information again and again, which is often copied. You need to provide them with something original that they find interesting enough and would probably want to stay connected with it for a long time. You need to be creative enough to stand out in the competition.

10.) Stay active on social media

Social media is ideally the place where you can now reach wider audiences across the globe. You need to understand that to stay active in the game; you need to do things that are relevant in the current scenario. So, make sure that you utilize the social media to its fullest potential in order to stay ahead in the game.

If you are new to social media marketing, then it is advised that you take up a social media marketing course to hone your skills in this field. As these courses are taught under the guidance of professionals, you will get an idea of how the industry works.

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