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Top 10 IT Companies in India

Here I cater the list of top 10 it companies in India. Now-a-days technology is growing fast, especially in Information Technology Field, once we dig in to our past, Technology took off to eliminate having to use a phone line to go online.

Top 10 IT Companies in India

Monday April 09, 2018,

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Information Technology is beyond the code language presented in the form of objects making our lives easier. Information technology is the world in its evolution. Whatever may be the field, without information technology the growth can’t be substantiated.

From Pre-production stage to actualisation, there are several organisations which prove to be a promising knot when it comes to software application development.

Below are listed some of the software development companies which have made some really valuable contributions in various departments of Information technology.

Here I am Providing the List of Top 10 IT Companies in India

<h2><b>Fig: Top 10 IT Companies in India</b></h2>

Fig: Top 10 IT Companies in India

1. Tvisha Technologies

Tvisha technologies, is a pioneer in mobile and web applications services. Coming up with its own products, like Troop Messenger, Feedbuck, votocreat etc Tvisha is constantly setting its benchmark in terms of value and quality related services. Tvisha has been chosen by many small to big clients for their projects which are being successfully delivered by the best of software developers working at Tvisha Technologies.

Offices: USA(NJ), India

Website: http://www.tvisha.com

<h2>Fig: Tvisha Technologies</h2>

Fig: Tvisha Technologies

2. One 97

Being one of the largest digital goods and mobile commerce platform, headquartered in New Delhi, One97 has already made a huge move by introducing Paytm- a leading payment solution provider in its quest to provide the best consumer experience.

The wallet which is a must have in every mobile device, One97 has also invested in early stage mobile companies, through OMF (One97n Mobile Fund).

Offices: India,UAE,Africa

Website:  http://www.one97.com/

<h2>Fig: One 97</h2>

Fig: One 97

3. Flipkart

Flipkart which started selling books online, in 2011, is now a successful e-commerce marketplace consisting of several consumer products like Books, Media, Lifestyle, Electronics.

Flipkart has been one of the successful e-commerce sites in India, launching same day delivery or One day delivery at a large scale. With the annual subscription service, Flipkart has become first of its kind in India.

Offices: India

Website:  https://www.flipkart.com/

<h2>Fig: Flipkart</h2>

Fig: Flipkart

4. Directi

Established in 1997, Directi is an amalgamation of multiple business units that are run independently by their own managing teams.With companies like Radix, Ringo, Flock, Zeta and Codechef leveraging the brand , Directi has been relied upon for recruitment process in their respective Indian offices.

Offices: India,USA

Website:  http://www.directi.com/

<h2>Fig: Directi</h2>

Fig: Directi

5. Trigent

Trigent is a home for more than 100 successful products, deployed in both small and medium sized companies. Having completed 20 years, Trigent has maintained sustainable long-term relationships with customers balancing their money- performance parameters for IT Projects.

Having a robust track record, Trigent continues to work with the same efficiency as it has at inception, adding to the never ending growth of Organisation.

Offices: India

Website: https://www.trigent.com/

<h2>Fig: Trigent</h2>

Fig: Trigent


KPMG – has a worldwide network of independent firms which offers audit, tax and advisory services.

KPMGwith its client specificity, leaves none unsatisfied, working closely with them for their growth and increased opportunities.

The Clients belonging to the fields such as business corporations, government and public sector agencies and non-profit organisations, are highly profited by KPMGs value based services.Spread accross 154 countries, KPMG Focuses on improving quality of workers, also, it wants to make the ones off site feel no less than theones on site.

Offices: Headquartered at Germany , serving in more than 20 Locations

Website: https://home.kpmg.com/xx/en/home.html

<h2>Fig: KPMG</h2>


7.Gateway Technolabs

Established in 1997, Gateway Group comprises of diligent and talented professionals, serving the customers across 30 countries in 5 continents.

Providing right insight, to the customers it continuously deploys the most sought-after technology solutions.Serving customers in Automotive, Entertaintainment and gaming, Banking and financial, Healthcare, Retails, Public Sector, Software products at most distant places, Gateway group has brought out a great amount of flexibility with faster deliveries, economical prices and with excellence delivered at the step of door.

Offices: India and Sales Base across 17 countries

Website: http://www.gatewaytechno.com/gatewayweb/index.html

<h2>Fig: Gateway Technolabs</h2>

Fig: Gateway Technolabs

8. isummation

isummation since 1999, has defined itself in several industries and companies of all sizes. Keeping with the technology such as Coldfusion, MEAN stack, Cloud, Big Data & IT services now with Digital Marketing, isummation has proven itself to be flexible, proven, easy and focused to the partnering clients giving best solutions. Carrying the mission of “adding values” with it isummation has achieved strong, reliable notations from its clients.

Offices : US,UK, Australia,Switzerland etc

Website:  http://www.isummation.com/

<h2>Fig: isummation</h2>

Fig: isummation

9. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains, founded in 2003, owns an extensive intelligence system across various industries and fields. The customers reaching out, transform into promising organisation with one of the best performance. With its IT consulting and solutions, the support they extend to its partners and clients in holistic.With the gowth rate of 150% yearly, and the tag of 25th fasted growing industry in India, Hidden Brains reckons with delivering the quality and viable solutions.without compromising witrh the deadlines.

Offices: Ahmedabad,Germany,Norway,USA

Website: https://www.hiddenbrains.com/

<h2>Fig: Hidden Brains</h2>

Fig: Hidden Brains

10. Brainvire

Brainvire, has a global presence in Information technology, consulting and outsourcing. With its foundation in 2000, it has been providing end to end technological solutions and services in various areas of Information Technology, advertising,education,healthcare,life sciences,hospitatlity,technology and more. With the best of clients experience,Brainwire continues to ascent, the stairs of Knowledge and on of the best methodology.

Offices: USA,UK,UAE,Australia,France,Singapore,India

Website: https://www.brainvire.com/

<h2>Fig: Brainvire</h2>

Fig: Brainvire

Lastly, with the technological boom, mainly in the IT Field, these organisations are expected to grow more and become diverse in the coming technologies.