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5 Roads if walked heads down and bum up will get you entre- success

5 Roads if walked heads down and bum up will get you entre- success

Thursday November 30, 2017,

4 min Read


Every individual has their own unique definition of success. My friend acquired a funding of 10 million US dollars after six months of toil; surprisingly he din't seem much happy about the same. The other day, I spoke to my uncle who recently got promoted to a vice-chairman of the company, he wasn’t much content with such an outlay.

Be it the monetary front or the career growth or maybe something in between, every individual has a different level of accomplishment. No matter how many cups of coffee and scribbles on the whiteboard it takes to zero-in on your success story, finding the road is often a challenge.

Voila! You can experience that serene feeling of accomplishment too, by just walking these five roads differently. I call it walking upside down, the heads down and bum up manner:

In this world full of perfectionists, You should never look out for something PERFECT

The most common of all is getting caught up in the vicious cycle of perfection. In the quest to attain success, people end up stressing so much in letting the tiny pieces fall in perfect every time.

Duh! When we humans aren’t perfect, Why do even bother to run after it?

There is no such thing as Perfect! No perfect timing, with no perfect strategy. So now the rule is time is limited and precious, don’t you waste it on planning. The only way to crack this road is to get going, take the first step. You always have rooms for improvement but what matters more is to get out there and take the first step.

Walking in the direction is always better than wasting time to figure out an ideal strategy.

Every Coin has two sides; You should never be disheartened with the problems, rather chase the OPTIMISTIC streak

Every situation is just like a coin, the side which is visible is always the pessimistic one. They are associated with problems. Fretting is no solution rather it creates a negative mindset, provoking you to reconsider your decisions.

Always try to reach out to the farfetched side, I call it Opportunities. Every problem is a new opportunity towards growth. Develop a vision beyond the usual, where you take every obstacle as a challenge and outrun it.

It’s difficult to look for something positive! Yet not impossible.

Staying aware and informed is good. But a little of it, is always better than an overload.

Many people start their entre- journey by gathering a lot of information on their platter. Having too much to analyze, will only make you paralyze. Research only to a level which you can handle, use it as an aid, not as a burden.

Gathering knowledge and experiences of others is good, but every individual has their own separate journey. Don’t overload yourself, rather just get started and learn eventually.

Leisure break is always a need. But you can always look for constructive entertainment sources

Work- work with no play will surely make your journey dull. A short break or some sources of entertainment are inevitable. But what matters is how do u invest your leisure time. Usually many invest a major portion of their time in watching television, gossiping, playing games.

Well, such breaks, if not kept time-bound, will hinder your growth. It acts as a distraction. Instead, spend your personal time in a constructive way. Science fiction or educational material or informative videos are a good source of constructive entertainment.

Self-growth will certainly payoff in the long road to entre-success.

No matter how tempting initial gratification is, you should learn to think broad

Instant gratification is something which can catch you in the early years of growth. Being short-sighted will not take you far in your journey. Rather create a strong foundation for your long-term vision.

Apply the 10/10/10 rule; the rule propagates that you need to analyse the situation on three different time frames before you act. How would you feel about it 10 minutes from now, 10 months from now and lastly 10 years from now?

Looking in the future will help you tame your impulsiveness in the present. It will help you to make better long-term decisions.

The primary roads to success are mostly the same for anybody and everybody. What gives one an edge over the other is how do you walk it differently from the usual.


Nimisha Gupta