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I am the woman of my life, besides being the woman of yours

We are the brief passengers of an ephemeral life that deserves to be lived with as much intensity as possible.

I am the woman of my life, besides being the woman of yours

Monday May 22, 2017,

4 min Read


What is the good of being slaves to the demands and caprices of others? Almost without realizing it, the book of our lives will close without our being ourselves. It is clear that joining someone at the emotional level involves a great responsibility. In one way or another, a lot of attachment is created, there is a need for closeness, affection, and reciprocity. But as long as this attachment is healthy and allows for one's privacy, everything will be fine.

We must all be masters of our lives, captains of our destiny, as variable and capricious as it may be.If we relate completely to someone else's life without taking into account our needs, our desires or our desires, we will not get out of it altogether.

However, we know that in a way, all these words are easy to say but difficult to put into practice. How can we not love someone entirely up to the very last particle of our being?

It's inevitable. Despite this, it should not be forgotten that even if one loves with one's heart, one must never lose one's identity, and one's self-esteem. Do not let your life and control escape you, such as smoke through an open window ... Whether we like it or not, to love is also to need. Indeed, we need to share our life with this person we love, we need a commitment in a relationship, we need stability, future plans and feel like we are someone.


Has this happened to you? Have you ever felt so dependent on someone to the point of losing yourself and losing your integrity? These relationships are undoubtedly the most destructive. It is also possible that the title of this article surprised more than one: "I am the woman of my life in addition to that of yours." For us, the message can and should apply to both Both men and women.

However, it is almost always women who tend to give everything to others without expecting anything in return. They are the ones who, on average, suffer most from this emotional inequality and power in love relationships.

Let us now see the reasons why this happens:

Find satisfaction and feel fulfilled by giving everything to the people they love. No one is capable of loving half, but very often, we give more than we should.

We reject his personal and professional projects, and we prioritize the projects of a couple, until we realize everything that has been allowed to pass.

Very often, and almost without realizing it, one can fall into very unequal relationships.

The spouse develops an emotional manipulation which the woman can not get out at the beginning. Love becomes suffering and suffering lowers self-esteem.

Without realizing it, love often derives from dependence on the part of the two members of the couple.

However, it may be that beyond love, one of the two attempts to compensate for other deficiencies, such as filling a void, filling affective deficiencies, avoiding solitude in all possible ways, and so on.

These things really have to be taken into account. My life, your life, two paths that intersect and respect each other


No one comes into this world knowing all about love relationships. He who has never committed error has never given himself the opportunity to learn. And the one who has never been disappointed does not really know what he needs.

Life is a long path full of lessons to remember, and love is sometimes the most severe master of it. Do not forget all that you learn, leave behind those who hurt you and do not carry them in your heart. They do not deserve it and this will only make you sad.

Be the woman you always wanted to be. It's never too late to become one, and to get on the train you've always dreamed of.

- Be the woman of your life and let the one who deserves to be part of your personal adventure enter: the one who enriches you, who brings you light and non-obscurity, who esteems you and allows you to grow as a person.

"Be the woman who allows herself to laugh every day, full of hope and not anxiety. Walk on your personal path with confidence by crossing your destiny on your way ...lo