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How do bounce rates affect website ranking

Wednesday August 02, 2017,

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Know what it is

Bounce rate can be explained by a calculated percentage or specified time in which a user visits a specified page and leaves after viewing. High bounce rate affects the ranking inversely. Google’s algorithm considers that web page as uninterested or unhelpful If the visitor is bored and run away to another site in a couple seconds of reading. Bounce rate is actually calculated as single page visits or sessions. If a visitor leaves the web site from the landing page without even browsing further, It’s a troubling situation.

Ranking test

Google uses various algorithms to count up a website’s ranking or quality.

For example: -Plagiarism, -Readability, -Bounce rate, -Content density.

If we talk about bounce rate as above described, Google simply needs to eliminate the errors of optimization to bring up the best matter for the user. In order to do that, Bounce rate becomes an important key element to calculate.


The people or visitor over the internet are not interested in long readings or boring lengthy docs. They are simply looking for what they need and it has to be solved in a couple of minutes.

Consider a wild animal looking for a prey will only spend time on a quality meal, if the meal looks uninterested or not up to the mark, The hunter will simply move away to a better source of prey. So same goes for our site visitors. So place the best meal above so they will be interested and spend time. The less the bounce rate the better ranking on Google.


Sites run on the basis of traffic coming and going and how much time it's spending on a particular web page. Now, let’s talk about bounce rate. If the bounce rate on your web site is high then Google will simply low the ranking and slowly your site will move way down on the search engine. If your site is not appearing on search then the traffic will decrease drastically.

Scare Sandbox

Your rankings are defined on the basis of various reasons as mentioned above, but if you are avoiding such mistakes and even on high bounce rates you are simply avoiding it. It can cost you big.

-Let's see how it works

Algorithms lack judgment or emotions of course and are simply designed to keep the quality work above. If a certain keyword is searched on Google search engine and your web page is about the same content, but the user notices the content is same or copied from somewhere else then he or she will leave immediately. Thus it will increase bounce rate and Google might would red flag it or even sandbox it. Your site will never appear on a search engine and you can lose hugely.


Try not to copy or plagiarize content and keep the original content and to the point. Never use 5 words where 2 can do.

Keep the phrases small but quality should be there. Use images, videos to keep the interest of the visitor.

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