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Three best places to travel and get the most of it

The things to do and places to see are pretty endless, and you must see it all for yourself to add more to the list that has been given in here.

Three best places to travel and get the most of it

Wednesday March 28, 2018,

3 min Read


If the sea and sand are your top priorities for the next holiday, then Thailand along with Bangkok and Phuket should be your next destination. All three of these places have so much to offer that there is never a dull moment while you are there.

The Thrills of Thailand

Thailand ranks among the most preferred locations in South East Asia, and the reason is not too hard to fathom. From the serene beaches, peaceful temples, popular casino game, to a buzzing nightlife, Thailand has everything and more than what a traveler can ask for. There are so many activities that you can undertake in here that as a newbie you are sure to feel overwhelmed. So, let’s discuss the whole of Thailand before venturing into Bangkok and Phuket separately.

- Take a ferry ride to the James Bond Island which is where the Hollywood cult classic The Man with the Golden Gun was shot. The blue water and lofty peaks of Phang Nga Bay will soothe your eyes.

- Visit the elephant camp in Chiang Mai where the people are engaged in saving these precious animals. Here, you can bath, feed, and play with these gentle beasts.

- Visit the Safari World Zoo in Khlong Sam Wa and see the animals like zebra, deer, bears, and more roaming in their natural habitat.

- Wat Rong Khun or the White Temple is a landmark in Chiang Rai. The temple glistens brilliantly when the sun rays fall on the pieces of glass on the Temple body.

The Buzz of Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most fascinating and exciting urban places to visit in Thailand. With the ever going hive of activities bustling all around, it feels that the city never sleeps.

- Take a boating trip along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok and take in the breathtaking evening view of what was called the “Venice of the East.”

- Visit Wat Pho and take in the impressive view of reclining Buddha statue that is fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long. The statue is covered in actual gold leaf!

- Whether you like shopping or not, Chatuchak Market is definitely a place that you will love just for the colors and sounds it comes with. There are over 8000 stalls present in 27 acres of the place.

- If you are looking to experience the nightlife of Bangkok that comes with a popular casino game, rooftop bars, and more, the Soi Cowboy, Patpong, and Khao San Road are some of your options.

The Pleasures of Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful town with its iconic viewpoints, historical sites, and definitely the beaches and blue waters. There are a plethora of things to see in the place, and the following are just some of the ideas for you to try out.

- For many travelers, Phi Phi Island is one of the main reasons to visit Thailand. The rising cliffs, the lush jungle, and the expansive beach give the Island an undeniable allure.

- To the south of Phuket, you will find the statue of the giant Buddha that sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills. The statue is over 45 meters tall, and you can see the entire city from the top.

- Enjoying any popular game is not the only thing you want to do when you reach Bangla road. This place has the best of all the nocturnal fun with nightclubs, shows, and bars aplenty.

The things to do and places to see are pretty endless, and you must see it all for yourself to add more to the list that has been given in here.