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Creative Education for Wealth

Activity based education has power to transform  economies around the globe

Creative Education for Wealth

Wednesday March 15, 2017,

4 min Read

Box of Science at school

Box of Science at school

Since dawn of the human civilization; we are busy with absorbing all the available data that governs the Universe. Today's education is mere a process of acquiring the information (that is being gathered so far). If we look at the ancient Indian culture, the way knowledge used to pass on, was very creative. The one where pupils understand laws of Arts, Artha (Economics), Ayurveda or Science, with almost practical approach. At present; the picture has changed. Teaching has become mere a workers job. Like an assembly line of subjects where the teachers ought to feed the minds like clothes in a suitcase. The results shows that current education system is unable to generate spark among the students. It is a fact that our current education can not impart innovators within a child.

Why we need a transformation?

Research and Development in India -

Since decades we haven’t scored a single innovation which could change, prosper human lives or life on this planet itself. Even our political leadership is agreed that in recent decades our position in world of science had been declining. We need to take a look at the results of a study published last year that showed that six out of every ten, of nearly 2000 Indian women PhD’s (in science who were surveyed) were unemployed. The main reason cited was lack of job opportunities. This shows that, one of the highest degree that is offered by our Universities has no economical values today.

Economical Picture:

As we have discussed earlier, there is a lot of growth in unemployment at apex degrees as well. Most of the graduates ask for job after completion of studies. Hence we have more employees than employer. Our education, as it is less practical based, provides no entrepreneur skills. This leads to lack of confidence for starting up any new venture. Day by day we are getting surrounded by Made in China tags. In order to change this picture we have to change the way we provide education.

Share of wealth by region/nations

Share of wealth by region/nations

One in every five persons on this planet is an Indian

One in every five persons on this planet is an Indian

Above survey shows our economical status during 2010. 17.5% population was able to earn only 2% of the total wealth. Which is worse for future of our nation. 

Social and migration perspective:

We are facing migration problems a lot these days. Because industrial development is some-what centralized, at certain places of our country. Student and workers from rural areas shifts to urban areas for their bread-butter. If we empower our students with more activity based or practical education, we can increase number of employers. This will help in de-centralized development of our nation.

How experiential learning will help?

Most of the youth power is engaged in outsourcing business. Service sector dominates our economy. This is reflection of theoretical or conceptual learning. 


Above diagram shows how 360 degrees of education can be given. But what we offer most is rote learning. Where students can easily pass with mugging up the chapters. This situation, in long term will baffle the future of our nation. Most of the students fits at lower-left quadrant (Dark Blue Zone). By equipping them with activity based knowledge we can strengthen their ability to construct something that will be everlasting. Let them feel Newton’s laws, magnetism, rather than just elaborating it with pictures.

Then only these curious minds will produce desired results out of their consciousness. With rote learning methods we can mere expect outsourcing mass of service persons. We need balance, we need prodigious force of scientists and entrepreneurs. Then only our dream of becoming world super-power can be accomplished.

Activity based learning for boosting self confidence:

This method of learning is helpful for increasing confidence of students, that they can create something. We can see  that many of bright students lack self assurance of producing fruitful results; though they posses enough intelligence. 

Experiential Learning for feeding all the senses:

With learning by doing method we can allow pupils to use almost all of their sensory organs. Education perceived with such means lasts longer with them. I would like to conclude this article with a wish that soon we will acquire strength and courage to transform current devoid of quality education