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Choosing the Right Website for Your Business Promotion

Find the right websites for your business, start-up or simply for further development of your venture

Choosing the Right Website for Your Business Promotion

Tuesday November 14, 2017,

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With so many firms, companies, and individual entrepreneurs competing with each other on the market, the task of letting potential customers know about a business can be quite complicated. Nowadays, most people search for goods and services they need online. So, business owners are leaning more on the Internet for marketing purposes. However, deploying an effective large-scale marketing campaign and spend as much money as the budget allows can be very challenging. It is essential for a company to have an appealing website with an entertaining blog. To draw more visitors to their site, business owners can also place links to it on other resources. Here is a review of the top websites for promoting your business.

1. YouTube

This resource is popular with over a billion users in various parts of the planet. A user can create their own channel and other users can subscribe to it. I highly recommend any business owner to have their own YouTube channel. Even if you are not planning to publish videos on it at the moment, you can do so in the future. To attract more customers to your business, videos that you place on YouTube must be professionally-made. There is hardly a better place for advertising your goods or services than this website. Video bloggers use their channels to talk about all kinds of things including fashion, news, travel, etc. You can request them to tell their viewers about your product. As a compensation for that, you can refer your blog's readers to the video blogger's channel.

2. Reddit

Full of interesting and funny stories, news, and photos, this website claims to be “the front page of the Internet”. Different subjects have their own “subreddits”. Currently, there are 5,400 of such categories. The comments that the users have liked the most find their way to the top of a thread. The threads that enjoy the greatest acclaim among the users are displayed on the front page.

You can pay money for your post to be published in the top section of the front page. If you decide to post as an ordinary user, there is no fee. The more attractive and interesting your post sounds and looks, the more users with their comments it will draw. We recommend placing links to your website or blog in each of your Reddit posts. In different subreddits, representatives of different professions and trades can talk about their goods and services and reply to questions.

3. StumbleUpon

If you have ever used Pandora, you will notice that StumbleUpon is very similar to that music application. The only difference is that StumbleUppon presents a list of websites you could visit rather than songs or artists. When you are creating a new account at this site, you should mention 10 things you are keen on. Based on these interests, StumbleUpon will direct you to a random page. This website has a special ad system, which can take a user to a sponsor's resource rather than to a random page.

Then, users can either like or dislike the page where they have landed. The most popular pages get more “stumbles.” You can put a Subscribe icon on your page where users can see it the best. If a user has subscribed to your blog, you can send them promotional emails in the hope they will become your customers.

4. HireRush

Whatever services your business provides, be it babysitting, plumbing, caregiving, or any other, HireRush is a great online platform for creating connections between local professionals and their potential clients. This website provides valuable tools for communication and conducting business for “a small guy” to establish their online presence. While there are many tools that serve the same purpose, they are very narrow and work by locating a local specialist for a specific task. By contrast, HireRush is an excellent tool when it comes to long-term cooperation. Thousands of people are using this website in the United States, and it's actively expanding.

5. Google My Business

When you run a search for a company, service, or product on Google, you will often see a neatly organized listing with the working hours, the exact location of a company's office on Google Maps, and contact details. Your business can also show up in this listing. Just give Google My Business all the required information. Then, you can edit or update your profile when, say, you are planning to extend your business day.

I don't claim this list of online resources to be exhaustive. However, by using these websites you can attract more visitors to your blog and site and, thus, increase your customer base. The important thing about them is that they're free, allowing you to save money on your marketing campaigns.