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Diamonds that became the epitome of every relation!


Diamonds that became the epitome of every relation!

Saturday November 26, 2016,

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There is a famous saying, “Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.”


It all began in 2004, where a dream of establishing diamond jewellery store in Surat, the diamond capital of the country; came true. Charu Jewels has always believed in quality and purity when it comes to jewellery. With immense hard work, patience and struggle, Charu Jewels has reached a pinnacle where they celebrate their success, yet believe there is a long way to go. Charu Jewels, to stay in touch with their clients and to extend their family, has been actively organizing and participating in various events in order to showcase their brilliant artistry and hard work. Apart from participating in various CSR events, Charu Jewels has been a part of various events and exhibitions. Whether they are Fashion Shows or Exhibitions on local and national levels, Charu Jewels has left no stone unturned.

The collection UTSAV, launched during the festival of lights, Diwali, highlighted the aura, authenticity and ethnicity of the festive and the relation bond. Signifying relations with dazzling diamonds and alluring art-work gave a traditional and pure outlook of jewelleries rather than the usual glamour and shine thought. Nothing can replace a relation and nothing else than this collection can surpass their quotient. Distinguishing you from the rest of the crowd and breaking the monotonous patterns, The Utsav Collection brings brilliant traditional yet unconventional patterns keeping you the centre of attraction and enlightening your beauty through perfection and poise that marks your existence.

It is said that, jewellery is a way to keep memories alive and with their social media campaign #RishtonKaUtsav, Charu Jewels made everyone believe in this saying. The campaign and the jewels truly highlighted the meaning of relationship goals. Celebration of love, respect, attachment, emotions and how jewels can be a foundation to these timeless expressions, #RishtonKaUtsav was a treat to social media enthusiasts and jewellery lovers.

Their web-store www.charujewelsonline.com, showcases their exquisite craftmanship indulged into every collection. The recently launched web-store too is to cater the interests of customers all over the globe. With immense focus and enthusiasm, the team at Charu Jewels makes every diamond of the jewel speak for itself. “Diamond industry has always been on a fluctuating graph, but what keep us intact is our customer's positive feedback and push to create better always. And to reach people across boundaries with our work has made us get our web-store into action,” speaking the Directors of Charu Jewels, Mr. Nikhil Desai and Mr. Amit Desai.

Celebrate relations, glamour and sheer happiness with Charu Jewels.