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The Need of the Hour – Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management (ORM) activities on social media platform benefits to improvise firms brand image, gaining respect and trust from the customers.

The Need of the Hour – Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Thursday November 16, 2017,

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ORM is the process of improving brand image and building trust in customers, it also strives to eliminate any negative media harming the reputation of the firm.


In today’s time we can see that most of the millennial generation use social media as a platform for everything from reading the news to buying clothes. Social Media has made communication much easier and Marketing much more cost efficient.

Since the communication gap between a firm and its clients has significantly reduced, people have started becoming proactive on social media, especially when it comes to reviewing products and services. It has become the most common platform when it comes to dropping a review or filling a feedback form, since the client also gets a prompt response from the firm. Good social media reputation management can lead to a satisfied and content customer which will in turn lead to an upwards sales graph.

Importance of Social Media for Online Reputation Management

Research from YouGov found out that 88% of consumers in the United States trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations made by their family and friends.

Cone Communications research found out that 80% of consumers went back on their purchase decisions based on negative reviews online.

Influence central Data proved that 90% of consumers trust information provided on reviews more than information provided by a sales personnel.

According to MarketingSherpa Online adults aged 18 – 34 follow a brand through social media and that is 95% of them. This is why it is essential to have social media reputation management; it can make a major difference especially when 95% of an entire generation is following them through social platforms.

Hiring a company to manage your digital space can reduce the workload by a fat margin and it can help you focus on the other things that the company does best at the same time.

Different steps taken by companies to be up to the mark on Online Reputation Management are as follows –

Quick Reaction to any comment or feedback – Late response makes the customers believe that the company is least bothered. A quick reaction makes them feel important and improves the brand image of the firm. This, in turn, acts as a major benefit of ORM on social media.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is another step taken by companies to improve the standing of their page, normally this step is neglected by companies but it is supremely important. This is when online reputation management services in India kick in, they help these companies to optimize their search engine and make sure that a company’s page is one of the top pages shown on Google or any other search engine. Research has discovered that consumers feel the top pages shown on a search engine are the ones to be trusted.

Owning up to their mistakes – When a company owns up to their mistakes, it makes the consumer feel more satisfied and happy with themselves. Getting criticism from a genuine source is always fruitful for the company; this way they can improvise on their product/service. You always end up gaining respect from the consumers when you own up to your mistakes.

Highlighting the Positive reviews – As mentioned earlier 4 out of 5 customers go back on their purchase after reading a negative review. What do you think happens when consumers read a positive review? Of course, they start trusting the company more, and this improves their brand image! This helps in combating negative reviews too!

Monitoring your online reputation – This is another step that’s being taken by most companies in the digital space currently. You can use Google alerts and set up your company’s details on it so whenever somebody speaks about the company you can monitor it and do the needful.


From all the data mentioned above, we can conclude that Online Reputation Management in India is a must and it can adversely impact a company’s image. There are various ORM companies in Mumbai to which this work can be outsourced. Hiring a company to manage your digital space can reduce the workload by a fat margin and it can help you focus on the other things that the company does best at the same time.