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Think different about the content you publish

So, in this article we have discussed and cover each & every point of Why Content Marketing is important? What Research or Report says? And if it’s not working then what? 

Think different about the content you publish

Friday August 17, 2018,

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Mostly e-retailers are skeptical that how to target global customers? If they start their Ecommerce store. How to select a perfect marketing strategy which helps to enhance their brand visibility? And, I am sure, you’re one of them when the first time you start your ecommerce store, right! Even I had a question in my head when I took the first step into this.

Well, the answer is simple, “Content Marketing” helps your ecommerce store to generate enough traffic and as a result increase your sales and customers as well but yes, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Your content writer or even you have to create something unique and effective content that directly impact on consumer’s mind and give them feel.

But, before we start I would like to give a short brief of what is Content Marketing exactly? I know you’re already familiar with this but this is for who are newbies in this area.

What is content marketing?

There are lots of the definition of Content Marketing. If you read different types of books, you’ll get different types of definition. If you ask different content writers then again you’ll get different types of answers. And, for me…

Content Marketing is the top marketing strategy which helps to describe in brief about your business or about your product or services. I broke this into 5 steps: -

The first step is to create relevant content according to the goods or services.

The second step is to edit the content, remove bulky words, and use a familiar one.

The third step is to publish the content.

The fourth step is to distribute the content to the targeted audience.

And the final step is the most important is to test your content.

And the question comes “How to test your Content that it really works or not?” Well, we’ll be definitely discussing this in our next blog.

Research says…

Research clearly says that “Good Content can definitely drive your E-commerce store faster” as compared to other marketing campaign and it generate 3x more leads & 62% less cost than traditional marketing. Good content helps to generate productivity in more effective because your customer can’t see you and you can’t too. So, there’s only one way to communicate between you and your customers is your Content that you published or provided on your e-commerce store and more than 80% of consumers have a positive opinion about the brand after reading the content.

Think, you listen to your favorite song and lyrics are not in proper order then what you do? You definitely stop listing. This is the same condition as your customer if you didn’t provide relevant content. You have to perform like a Teacher and your customer is your Student. And, your student is curious to know more about your business, about your products or services. So, wear a tie on your shirt to look calm, pleasant, presentable and knowledgeable teacher to get ready to teach your students.

Why content marketing?

Making a great website offers a wide range of products is not enough to target customers and generate productivity. Suppose, if you didn’t use Content so, is there any other way to describe your products to the customers? Of course not! Infect everything is on the web or the internet is the part of Content Marketing. Content Marketing is essential to describe products and it not just only generate productivity but also increase your brand visibility.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need Content Marketing, right now.

Brand identity

Yes, Content makes your brand identity in the eyes of the customers that you are real. Writing great content helps to present your brand in front of the world. You can generate inbound links and drive more traffic and makes positive images.

Search engine optimization

Content Marketing is very helpful to perform SEO activity. A good SEO Content can help to increase your website rank and shown in the first SERP. Use relevant keywords or phrases with your great Content. If you are unable to take the advantage of Content Marketing then you’re business is more likely to be bankrupt.


Your customer wants to show that how much you trustworthy? If you’re keep providing relevant and quality content then it increases the chance that you are a more trustable brand. Always focus to use right and effective content to describe your business.

Generate Leads

What’s your motive to do business? Of course to generate leads that converted into cash. Content Marketing is the best tool to increase your customers and it is not only to target locally but also globally only then if you focus on Content Marketing and the quality of Content.

Conversion rates

It is proved that the use of Content Marketing generates 6x higher conversion rates. According to a survey, content marketing has increased the leads in more quality way. So, if you really want to enhance your customers reach then you should start to content marketing today.

Time to get the results

If you use good and effective Content Marketing with your marketing channel then it will definitely increase your brand’s awareness and give positive results. Many popular brands understand the power of great Content and Coco-Cola is one of them, they will understand the whole content strategy and focus on to spend more on creating the best content. So, there is no doubt to fail Content Marketing, so remove the fear from your heart that what if content marketing doesn’t work. Content Marketing always works, it helps offers great ROI and yes, cost-effective too. You have to focus on delivering the best, unique and quality content that tells about your business, about your products or even about your brand.