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A flower that blooms in adversity.


Sunday August 13, 2017,

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A lotus blooms in dirty/stagnant pond yet it is so beautiful. (A good person is good even in bad world).

It takes all it nutrients from the same dirty water, yet it is beautiful. ( Some people eat and drink the same thing others are eating and drinking, yet they are good).

It never blames pond for being dirty.( A person who wants to become good does not blame its surrounding for being bad).

It never waits for the pond to become clean. It just blooms.( A person who wants to become good does not wait for its surrounding to become good. He just becomes good).

Lotus just blooms towards sun. Lotus is not engaged in splashing dirty water everywhere. It faces sun. Its attention is always towards sun and not towards dirty water. Its love is towards sun. ( A good person is not engaged in spreading problems everywhere. His main attention is towards divine love).

A flower that blooms in adversity is most rare and beautiful.