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    Benefits of having a mobile app for retail business

    By Ravi Makhija|4th Jul 2018
    If you are in Retail Business then you must have to know about super cool benefits of having a mobile app.
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    Market research has shown that people spend 90 percent of their time on mobile app when they are using their smartphones.

    If you look at the YoY increase in the mobile apps for retail businesses, you will find that there is a massive increase of 48% for the American market alone.

    At present nearly 54% of e-commerce transactions are conducted through the mobile apps in the North American region and this increase is expected to continue in the coming years also.


    The similar increase in the use of mobile apps is witnessed all over the world.

    You can use this popularity of mobile apps among the smartphone users to improve the reach and scale of your business online.

    In this article, we will like to share with you some of the benefits that retail app development can provide to your business.

    What are the major benefits of having a retailer mobile app?

    Nowadays, people are looking for highly personalized service that they can access through their mobile devices.

    As a retail business, you can offer your customers customized services through retail mobility solutions.

    A retailer app allows you to offer numerous services to improve the user’s experience, thereby increasing his loyalty towards your brand.

    Some of the benefits that your mobile app can provide are:

    1). A mobile app helps you to reach out to a global audience

    A mobile app is an excellent way to connect to a wider audience for your products.

    GIF credit: fycat.com

    GIF credit: fycat.com

    If you want to sell your product to people living in different cities, state or nation, then your retailer app can help you to reach out to them in a more personalized way.

    And the bigger market you can target through your dedicated mobile app to sell your product, your ROI will also see a significant improvement.

    2). It improves the brand visibility at all times

    Looking at the market research numbers, you will find that nearly 4.4 billion people use mobile apps.

    While not all of them are using the apps for the same reason, but this huge number of mobile app users show that there is a big market of people online who like to use mobile apps due to their customized service.

    And as a smartphone always remains in the hand or pocket of an individual, a dedicated retailer app allows you to get their attention in a way that no traditional marketing tool can match.

    Whenever a smartphone user who has installed your mobile app opens phone, they will see your app. This continuous advertisement will help them to remember your brand whenever they are looking to buy a product that your company sells.

    This increased brand visibility will lead to an increased sale resulting in increased profits for your company.

    3). Make your business 24x7 available and make it automated

    One of the amazing benefits of a dedicated mobile app for retail business is that it helps you to keep your business open 24 x 7.


    A retailer mobile app can make your online app fully automated so that you don’t have to supervise any transaction that happens through your mobile app.

    The automation of your online business app will help you provide better services to the customers through newer technologies like virtual assistant and chatbots which will greatly improve your repeat customer numbers.

    4). Improve your sales and profit

    Many online markets research has shown that using the dedicated eCommerce mobile app for online company improve its sales pitch significantly.

    And as improved sales directly lead to increased profit your dedicated mobile app will be a great help in improving your balance sheet.

    5). A mobile app can help you save money on infrastructure

    If you compare the cost for retail app development with paying rent for a leasehold property of an offline store, then you will find that the e-commerce mobile app development cost is much lower in the long run and give you better ROI.

    Additionally, you will find that marketing a brick and mortar store is more expensive compared to marketing a mobile application.

    In an offline store, you have to print materials, advertise on a strategically placed billboard and so on. To advertise a mobile app, you can use technology to reach the right audience at a very economical rate.

    If during the marketing campaign you find that the strategy you are following is not yielding desired results, then you can change it easily if you are doing it through our mobile application. However, if you want to do the same for a physical store, then it will cost you a whole lot of money.

    6). A retailer app helps you to stay connected with your customer

    If you want to improve the brand loyalty of your company then you need to stay connected with your customers in a more meaningful way.

    A mobile app for retail business allows you to provide information regarding sales, discounts or any other offers that you are giving to your customers on a real-time basis.

    These apps help a customer to make a comparison with other brands in respect of ingredients, price and discount (if any). This gives them a better idea of the product they wish to buy. This improves customers engagement resulting in repeat customers.

    You can also use the mobile app with GPS connectivity to send a message about any new product or services that are available in the store when they are in close proximity to your brick and mortar store (if it has a dedicated app).

    These small notifications through the mobile app will increase the chances of attracting customers visiting your retail store greatly.

    7). Analyze the buying patterns of retailer app users to improve sales

    One of the important benefits of using a retailer mobile application is that it gives you data concerning the buying patterns of the app users.

    User data is very important as it gives an insight into the mind of the user to find out what kind of services they prefer.

    This allows you to provide only that information which interests them like the price of the product, what are the specifications of the product, there is any discount available and several others.

    As you can directly reach your customers on a one-to-one basis, it gives you a huge advantage in advertising your products to the targeted audience.

    8). You can plan your business model

    The data provided by the mobile app not only helps you to tweak your selling strategy but also helps you to plan your business model by analyzing the previous year data.

    Data mining and analysis can help you gather data from the app users to understand what kind of products are selling, what kind of services the customers are interested in and so on.

    This analysis will help you to remodel your business in such a way that it attracts more users and improve its conversion rate.

    9). It is easier to add advanced technology to your retailer mobile app compared to a physical store

    If you want to introduce advanced technology to your retail business then you will find that it is much cheaper to do so in a retailer app compared to a physical store.

    Introducing new technology in a brick and mortar store requires massive changes which will involve huge cost.

    10). A retailer mobile app will help in targeted marketing

    If you have a physical store then you need to market your product locally to get more clients.

    On the other hand, a mobile app will help you target your customers at the local, state, national as well as the international level at a much cheaper cost.

    Additionally, data mining will help you to target your customers more accurately to your retailer app.

    If you have a mobile app you can provide highly personalized marketing solution to your customers based on their age, gender, nationality and other important features.

    11). The business transition is easier in the mobile app than in off-line business

    Changing a business model or its address or upgrading it to add new services is a very expensive proposition for an off-line store.

    On the other hand, if you have a mobile app then you will find it easier to make a business transition at a much lesser cost.

    12). The retailer mobile app is great for building brand loyalty

    Mobile apps offer you a great platform through which you can improve the visibility and brand loyalty of your product.

    The advantages of a mobile application over the traditional way of advertising your brand are many. If you invest a lot of money on advertising your product on a billboard, you’ll find that only a very small percentage of people actually view it on the passing.

    Instead of spending so much money on advertising through billboards, you can use it more productively in eCommerce app development for your company.

    Image Credit: canny-creative.com/

    Image Credit: canny-creative.com/

    In the advertisement, it is said that the more frequently a person views an advertisement, he is more likely to remember the brand when he goes to the market in order to purchase that product.

    In order to engage frequently with the app user, you should use various methods to keep him interested. This can include notification for any new deal or latest products through the app.

    Integration of social media in mobile apps for retail business is another way to provide better value to your customers.

    Integration with the social media like logging into your app through the Facebook or Google account will improve the brand visibility of your product.

    13). Give a personal touch through your app

    The reach of your business is very important to improve its profitability.

    It is essential that you reach your targeted audience through a retailer mobile application in a more meaningful way.

    For any business, knowing the mind of the consumer is very important. And your mobile app can help you in this field.

    Put a section for client feedback in your app. Encourage your visitor to post their views about your product and services in this section. This will help you to see your company through the eyes of your customers.

    It is important that you look through all the suggestions with a positive mind and whenever possible try to give a reply to any suggestion you get. This will improve the professional credibility of your business in the eyes of your customer which in turn will help you to get repeat customers.

    14). Secure online payments

    You can offer your clients a secure and fast payment option through retail application development.

    Secure online payment is very important for those people who are always on the move and may not carry much cash with them.

    In a retail mobile app, you can offer your customers multiple payment options which are not always possible in a brick and mortar store. This will help you to target that customer who finds it difficult to go to a brick and mortar store for want of time.


    As you can see mobile apps for retail business have a wide range of promoting, retaining, and reaching out to a wider market for retail business.

    If you want to reach out to a bigger audience who are into smartphones and buy things online, then the retailer app is one of the most important parts of your business marketing strategy.