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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

How to lead the leaders

Most people stress on being leaders, but nobody believes that the people they lead are possibly leaders themselves, and that they are a breed that requires leadership of a different league. It takes a lot more to inspire people who aspire to be leaders.

How to lead the leaders

Sunday March 11, 2018,

4 min Read


From my experience of leading a bunch of leaders, I feel there are 13 basic things that could help lead a pride of leaders.

A larger Vision

Leaders need a lot more than just monetary gratification to be able to wake up every morning and create impact.

 You need to have a vision that is much larger than the organisation, profits and clients.

The reason why people love working for Elon Musk even though he is such a difficult person to work with is that he has a much larger vision that makes people want to be a part of his journey. Show them a future they do not see yet. Create and inspire possibilities that inspire proactive thought and action.

A passion that is visible

The passion of the leader is like a drug for a team of leaders. Having the right amount or sometimes more of it can create a ripple effect that will trickle down and across. 

Show how excited you are by the work you are doing, if you feel a thrill every time you create something impactful, EXPRESS it.

90 days of consistency

A work ethic that is consistent for 90 days, becomes a principle that must be followed. Leaders need proof, every little thing that you do as a leader becomes a base for your team to follow-

But it takes 90 days of consistency for them to actually believe that it is your work ethic and not just a phase.

Calculated trust

Don’t be the overprotective mother. The strongest people have failed a couple of times to actually learn from it. Leaders need to lead, let them. Let them make decisions that you feel unsure about, take that risk, though calculated, it is a risk that will add value to them and to you.

Be the discomfort

“The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you become comfortable.”- Conan Mcgregor. More often than not, leaders soften up when they see their team looking uncomfortable, that is when you have been extremely unfair to them. 

Leaders learn the most from adversity, and sometimes you might have to be that adversity

Unfortunately, at the moment you look like the bad guy, but in retrospect, things look very different.

Be the comfort

At the same time, make them feel comfortable, if they feel a sense of discomfort every time you’re around, you’re doing something wrong. Find a fine balance between comfort and discomfort. 

Never ever leave a man/woman behind. 

What people remember is that our leader was with us in times of trouble, nothing else.

Help them grow beyond you

Take their growth seriously, make it a point to sit down and discuss with them how they can grow faster and better, how they can make you irrelevant. 

Unfortunately, most leaders are scared that their subordinates will take their jobs that is when they fail as leaders. 

True leaders would be thrilled that someone is good enough to challenge their existence in an organisation.

Inspire the drive

If you do the things that inspire them, you will not need to say much. Find time to help them feel inspired, with words, images and experiences that alter their perspectives.

 The only way for a pride of leaders to truly feel empowered is when they experience excellence.

Split your personality

Why are people scared of having fun when their boss is around? Have you ever wondered? It’s because the boss watches like a spectator when the team is having fun. The moments of crazy and the moments of joy are as important as the moments of genius.

 Find a way to be a part of both.

Age no bar

Respect is no longer about your age or years of experience. Respect is earned, by action and thought, it is earned by giving respect as well. 

Leaders respect good leaders, be one. 

Doing the things and saying the things that deserve respect don’t have an age limit.

Do not lose hope

Losing hope in people is way too easy, not giving up on them is tough.

 DO NOT give up on them.

The moment of an epiphany is not one that can be calculated. Sometimes it takes longer than you can imagine, but that is the test of true leadership.

Be a cyborg

Be a machine when it comes to your work ethic, but be human in your action. 

People like to listen and talk to humans and aspire to be as efficient as machines.

Glorify smaller achievements

A moment of glory stays for a much shorter duration than a moment of insult. Hence it becomes important to glorify more often. 

There are times when others will find it too ridiculous, doesn’t matter.

 One of those moments will inspire action that will create a future Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Gary Vee.

These are derived from a series of experiences that showed me the importance of leading the leaders. I hope it helps you too.

Add more if you’d like!