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Getting out of fear in entrepreneurship

 People Afraid to Start new things , they fear to start business , they fear to lose jobs , due to these reasons they are unable to start their own business

Getting out of fear in entrepreneurship

Sunday October 08, 2017,

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Getting out of fear, to step in Entrepreneurship Lots of people had so much fear , they feared for jobs , getting sacked , fear of losing money , there are many more things people fear about that, Due to this fear , people afraid to start new things , they fear to start business , they fear to lose jobs , due to these reasons they are unable to start their own business or getting there foot– in Entrepreneurship , ultimately in last they had nothing , only regrets. 


Starting your own enterprise means you are going to work 24×7 , no weekend , no fun , no joy , you all need to put-up every second of your life into business. we started our ecommerce business 1 and half year ago , we are involve in selling of leather items , but after listings on marketplaces we didn’t generate a sales for 6 months , we started getting order after 6 months , even 1 order per week , we know this will not sufficient for us to survive. Fear can be of any type , we are losing our money , it’s been 6 months after starting a business and we had to pay of commercial electricity bills , internet bills , we owns a space so we didn’t had so much pressure , but As I Said you we started our business with little investment . we are in deep fear at that time , but we went out of that fear after getting orders . The Most Important thing in business that matters most is Patience , You need to Have so much Patience .

You Need to get out of fear if you want to become successful , I saw lot of people says it’s hard to do , so tough , you can’t get there , you need luck, either working on business , they believe in luck that someday everything will change , I didn’t get that people are asking for more without doing or putting extra hours , You need to get out of fear to be truly become successful . There are some points you can do to get out of fear.

Always Around with Good People .

Be Always Motivated.

Do What You Love.

DO Research Before Doing.

Have Patience.


Entrepreneurial Journey is Full of Obstacle , You Need to Cross these Hurdles , If You Need to Become Successful ,So Be Prepared that you are not going to get Joy Life .