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Support Your Marketing Activities with Strong Brand Image

Brand image is a long process undertaken by the company. Components and brand image forming factors can help marketing activities

Support Your Marketing Activities with Strong Brand Image

Sunday January 08, 2017,

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Brand image is one important factor in marketing activities. Brand image can support marketing activities undertaken by a company. Planting the right brand image can facilitate the marketing team to market a product or service. Brand is something that is embedded in the minds of consumers. Brand image is also defined as the confidence of consumers towards a particular brand. The role of brand image in marketing is indeed a long process. Companies emerging might create a brand image, but to embed the brand in consumer memory takes considerable time and a consistent process.

Components of Brand Image:

The role of brand image in marketing cannot be separated from components to build the brand image. The following are the three components in the formation of brand image:

Corporate image

This is a set of associations that become consumer perceptions of companies that make products and services.

User image

This is a set of associations that become consumer perceptions of people who use the goods or services. Usually consists of lifestyle, social status, age, occupation, and so forth.

Product Image

This is a set of associations that become consumer perceptions of product produced. Usually it is comprised of product attributes, benefits, uses, and so forth.

Supporting Factors of Brand Image

There are several factors supporting the formation of a brand. The first factor is the excellence of products from competitors with similar products. For example a tropical country is the country with the heat and humidity, so that manufacturers of brand clothes and make clothes out of cotton cool and comfortable. The products are favored by consumers because it can meet the needs of consumers in these countries so that the product is superior to other products and consumers have given the brand of the product so that when talking about products that are comfortable and easy to wear in hot weather they instantly recognize the product B. The second factor is shaping brand image through communication strategies, such as lipstick brand is used in one scene in a television drama and the drama successfully watched by millions of people in many countries, hence the popularity of lipstick brand will also increase with the increasing popularity of the drama. People will be more familiar with the lipstick brands. Last factor is the uniqueness of the product, for example a brand motor C has a flatbed in the back. This is the uniqueness that is not possessed by ordinary motor, so the motor brand C a motor that is favored by traders because of the uniqueness of the motor is able to meet the needs of traders to transport their goods.

Brand Image and Marketing

It has been explained that the role of brand image in marketing is important. The marketing team will be easier to market a product that is already well known by consumers, even companies that managed to create a strong brand image, its products will continue to be remembered by consumers in the long term. Many consumers compare similar products with the brand. This is a success for the company. There are some products that the brand is remembered by the consumer with the image they have created over the years, for example, product A is the instant noodle products. A well-known product with traditional herbs that taste in accordance with the wishes of the consumer until the product becomes very famous and so far consumers mention other brands of instant noodles as product A. it certainly is not obtained within a short time, a company has to go through various stages in the product creates and produces brand that is really known and remembered by the consumer. Marketing is equipped with a strong brand image can convince the buyer to purchase the product marketing activities undertaken although not too intense. Suppose a company is already well known for their ability to produce high-quality soap products at affordable prices, if they issue a new soap product, consumers certainly will not ask again the quality of the soap because they believe the quality of the soap produced by the company.