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Wisdom Quest Learning Resources

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Wisdom Quest Learning Resources

Tuesday January 24, 2017,

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Hi All, I am Pramod.M from Wisdom Quest Learning Resources (wisdomquest.in)


It all started when I was 9 or 10 and in my grandfather's house where I first noticed the unquenching zeal of some rural students who flee to nearby towns to get access to quality education leaving their parents and their birth place. My Grandfather's house acted as a 'refugee camp' for some of these fled students including me. From that time there was this one question lingering in my mind 'why should someone leave everything behind and come as a refugee to seek quality education?'

Nothing has changed much, except – on one hand 20 years ago people fled from villages to towns and now people flee from towns to cities for seeking quality education. On the other hand the quality of education slumped and the cost increased three fold. Now the situation is like though the students wish to come to cities as refugees in search of their aspirations their dreams are shattered as they cannot afford the costs- costs of education, costs of accommodation and cost of living. Now I have one more question in my mind ‘How to make quality education affordable ’


Ever since, I waited for the right time to answer these two questions and after my MBA from Leeds University Business School (LUBS, UK) I felt there will never be a wrong time to do a right thing. Then I chucked my well paying job and came up with a solution ‘‘Wisdom Quest Learning Resources’’ an entity envisioned to make a difference in the education sector with a specific focus on offering quality and professional education at an affordable price by establishing the firm purposefully in one of the Tier II towns in Andhra Pradesh.

Idea ++ - Bridging the Industry and Academia

All the while the reason for establishing Wisdom Quest is concentrated on the supply side of the chain but that seemed to be only one end of the eco system. While interacting with students, their parents and other mentors we discovered that most of the students want to convert the acquired education into some job and fulfill their career aspirations. In that process as there was lack of proper guidance the raw talent is draining without any opportunity and getting wasted and as a result most of them are turning jobless. So we modified our initial idea of 'delivering affordable and quality education' to 'delivering affordable and quality education and make them secure the best jobs' they are capable of and thus creating a healthy eco system which fulfills the need of the industry and the students alike.


So far with the support of our team we trained around 500 students in 2 years time and 30% of those have settled in MNC companies. Our services include Aptitude, Technical and Soft skills training that is required for any student to crack a job in this competitive world. We are the only learning centre in the whole region to get certified by India’s leading employability test for freshers AMCAT which showcases the quality of training we provide to our students. Besides being recommended by students we were also recommended by parents, teachers and lecturers in the region which shows that the values we follow and our quest for delivering value based education.

Going Forward

Until this point all our services are being delivered physically, going forward we want to develop a technology solution and make education available to all the needy students keeping in mind the cost and the quality. We also got the support from likeminded people, NGO’s and Companies to be a part of this mission. We want to target primary schools, high schools, colleges and institutions and bring them together on a common platform where the knowledge asymmetries are erased and everyone gets the best education with an affordable cost contributing to our honourable PM’s vision of ‘Koushal Bharat- Kushal Bharat’.


Pramod.M- Managing Director of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources ([email protected])

Pramod.M - Managing DIrector of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources<br>

Pramod.M - Managing DIrector of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources

Mrs Saraswathi Pramod- Marketing Head of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources

Mrs Saraswathi Pramod- Marketing Head of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources<br>

Mrs Saraswathi Pramod- Marketing Head of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources

Mr Nikhilesh- First Employee of Wisdom Quest Learning Resources

Mr.P.Nikhilesh- Software Developer<br>

Mr.P.Nikhilesh- Software Developer

Our Interns

1. Mr.VishnuVardhan (CSE IV Year- KSRM College of Engineering)


2. Ms Chandana (ECE IV Year- KSRM College of Engineering)


3. Ms Sreelatha (ECE IV Year- KSRM College of Engineering)


4. Mr. ChetanKumar (ECE IV Year- KSRM College of Engineering)


5. Ms M.Sreedevi (ECE IV Year- KSRM College of Engineering)


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