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Destiny Literary House to change the destiny of writers

Destiny Literary House to change the destiny of writers

Friday July 01, 2016,

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In a day each person speaks hundreds of lines and come across hundreds of statements in the form of articles, content on a website etc. But how many are catchy, how many do you remember after a day or two ? The amount of content written is huge but the talent is limited. And because people have tunnel vision and can digest only a little, it’s critical that what ever written is sharp and focused.

In this very busy world every day there are thousands of news articles being flashed and data being uploaded. All these require some form of content to be written so that one understands it. To make things simpler Visakhapatnam-based Destiny Literary House helps you in building content for any subject that needs to be elaborated.

How did it start ?

“I used to work in a magazine company where I couldn’t find the right environment for writers so I decided to create one” says the founder of ‘Destiny Literary House’, Deepak Vamsi Rajavarapu.

It all started as providing a platform to encourage writers to flow freely with their creative ideas. The topics were merely based on interest. The then second year student pursuing B.Tech developed interests towards startups and that is when he converted his idea into a business model. And after two years of the venture staying as a platform the startup now has clients from various sectors and offers marketing strategies, develops contents for various purposes, releases weekly stories and conducts online contests for its readers.

Deepak has always been interested in writing from his very early days. Since he stayed at the hostel from 9th grade and was shy to share his thoughts and so he had developed the habit of writing. Later on that developed into a passion and fetched him a gold medal from CBN for essay on agriculture during Godavari Pushkaralu and first prize in Telugu poetry during a state level NSS Youth Fest. Later when he interned at different companies as a content writer he realised the need to build a good platform for the writers.

Destiny Magazine founder  Deepak Vamsi Rajavarapu

Destiny Magazine founder  Deepak Vamsi Rajavarapu

Past and Present

Initially the startup had 3 writers and it was very difficult for them to find content writers and now it has 15 regular writers including 3 guest writers. The initial days were too tough for the Destiny Literary House and designing the website was a major handicap due to the non-availability of technical expertise within. For now, it has released 8 editions with a fan base of 1,000 and looks to improve in the coming months. Also 25 social media marketing interns were involved in an online campaign which turned out be very successful.

“I had to learn website and poster designing as it was not easy for us to hire someone at the beginning.”


Destiny Literary House looks to connect all the companies and startups with its experience on quality content, social media marketing strategies and spread across the Corporate world. If you are based out of Visakhapatnam surely you have the ball in your court and now its time to play.

Creative ideas are something that is normally not welcomed. When you have the power to change something and make a difference you have a startup. Every start-up is based on this very fact and so does this one.

Its not how you see the world its how the world sees you and Destiny Literary House gives you the ability to be seen as such.

“Not many people are good content writers and nowadays the amount of content that is written is huge. The value of writers and the art of content writing is still unearthed. We at Destiny Literary House provide support to clients on their website content, market their product as well as help writers publish their articles. “– Deepak Vamsi Rajavarapu