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5 things to consider before selecting your HR service provider

Human Resource is the important factor of management. It is not easy to have in-house HR team. Some companies struggle while selecting the right HR service provider for their company. Here are 5 things which can help you while selecting your HR Service provider.  

Wednesday November 29, 2017,

3 min Read

Human resource management is managing the workforce and maintaining the relationship between employee and employer. Duties of human resource manager include Recruitment, staffing, onboarding and orientation of new employees, training and development, performance management, Employee welfare.

Human resource is the vital part of the organization which helps to keep the balance between the organization and its employees. Be it SME or a well-established company Human resource department plays an important role.

There are many HR service providers in the market like CielHr. If you are searching for the HR service provider this blog will help you deciding and finding the right service provider. Here are the things to consider while searching for the HR service provider.

Understand your need

Human resource can help your business grow faster by hiring talented people and keeping them motivated toward their work. Before you start your search for the HR service provider you need to understand your needs. You should know the current needs at the same time you should consider your future needs as well. There are different types of HR service provider available in the market such as Recruitment and staffing, Training and Development, HR technology management such as HRIS, payroll or total outsourcing.

A proven track record

Human resource is the important factor of the organization so you need to be careful while selecting the outsource. Your company need to do a good background check on the service provider their clientele, Reviews, from how long they are into the market and experience of others with them. All these things need to be done to check the potential and to ensure to get the quality service.


Price is not the factor deciding the best service provider but it is one of the important factors as you can compare what service you are getting for the price and that can help you to select the best service provider. You should also be aware of the hidden charges and processing fee. You should know the price of your service as they might charge you to switch the employee from one project to another. Having a clear idea about the charges can help you to take the decision.

Staff check

You should know people who will be working for you because they are the people who will be bringing the talent to your company. You need to know their work practice is also important. Talk to the team before you make your decision this will help you to understand their potential to work on your requirements.


This can be considered as a final step which includes the contract and all the legal procedure. It is important that everything is clearly mentioned in the contract documents. Nature of the contract, contract terms, the period of the contract all these things should be discussed and mentioned in the contract. It is good to have a legal advice before signing the contract.