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Wordpress 4.8 -- the ingenious genius of the virtual world town

Get grooved to the all new lineaments of WordPress 4.8

Wordpress 4.8 -- the ingenious genius of the virtual world town

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

4 min Read

“Evans” the nomen of WordPress 4.8 is all so ready to get downloaded. Baptised in the faith of the Jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans, WordPress has had been the most sought after update of the virtual world. Modifications might be fewer, but they are all the churned out result of the WordPress users demand and need.

Get accustomed to the all new feature of WordPress 4.8 which will guide you through all the necessary changes you need to mark on your website. But before initiating the update do remember to take the backup of your entire WordPress.

Whelming Widget Changes


An improvement upon the existing widgets and introduction of few new widgets has been the core of Evan. And the motive behind all these enhancements was simply to showcase the content, the images and the branding efforts in a better way.

Prior to WordPress 4.8, you were required to use a plug-in or customize the HTML, if at any time you wanted to add an image to the WordPress sidebar. But now, all you need to do is to click on the add image button to be seen in the widget setting and you will be taken to the much familiar media uploader. Either you may upload a new image from your system or opt for any previously uploaded image from the media library. Uploading done, click on the ‘add to widget’ and there you have the image in the widget preview section. Now simply click ‘save’.

Humanist the branding of your website with the all new video widget.

This new video widget approves of easy video upload on WordPress sidebar and also ensures convenient display of videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other embed provider. You can experience the ease of video upload from popular video hosting providers all because of Evan. Once you click on the ‘add video’ button. A media uploader will pop up. Now click on ‘Insert from URL’ and then paste the video URL. Within no time, WordPress will resume its search and serve you with the relevant video thumbnail and display it. Now click on ‘add to widget’ button followed by save button to save the settings.

If you wish to add audio to your WordPress sidebar, all you need to do is to click on the ‘Add Audio’ button so as to upload your audio file. The widget embeds the audio file in the HTML5 audio player. The supporting formats are MP3, OGG, and WAV. If you are an avid blogger, podcast or musician, this widget is your great friend indeed. Simply upload your audio file to the Media Library, and then select the file in the widget settings, to give music to listeners. You may even add personalized messages.

Initially, one needed to add your HTML for basic formatting, whereas the new WordPress 4.8, comes with up with novel and improvised text widget with the support of visual editor. This new version is lighter and contains buttons for bold text, italic text, lists, and links. If you are an advanced user of WordPress, you may switch back to the manual HTML text editor.


WordPress 4.8 is the respite from the issue of previous versions wherein the users were at unease when they had to move the cursor away from the link. Now you can move the cursor by simply clicking on the right or left key.

WordPress 4.8 event and news dashboard widget

This new ‘WordPress News and Events’ dashboard widget appears on the dashboard screen of the WordPress admin area and displays WordPress news and WordPress events near the location.

In the case of multiple site users, each user can view the events near his/ her location. The location of the user I estimated with the help of IP address, time zone, and locale to In the case of VPN, events based on server location will appear. If you wish to check the events related to the location other than your specific location, simply switch to that location manually.


WMA and WMV files are no longer supported in the latest update, all because WordPress core has adopted open web and web standards; which makes it less dependent on Microsoft’s Silver-light.


The latest EVAN update has both brings along a mix of profit and loss for developers.

The profits:

• Improved user experience.

• Admin dashboard is now easier to use.

• Engaging in WordPress activities is now easier using the Meetups feature.

The losses (or the workout areas):

• Need for theme adjustment according to the latest update.

• Dashboard header needs de-congesting in the theme.

The next WordPress Version will be 4.9 and its planned time of release is December 2017.