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Why Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing success

Companies often look for B2B Lead Generation Companies in order to get their  Business sorted & increase communication with their audience. The purpose is achieved on a small scale by only hiring a Social Media Management Company.

Why Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing success

Wednesday July 11, 2018,

6 min Read

Why Content Marketing is the Backbone of Digital Marketing Success

Why Content Marketing is the Backbone of Digital Marketing Success

Have you noticed that every time you read something about the digital marketing landscape, the digital gurus often speak about the significance of ‘Content’? Content the king — as they popularly call it, is an umbrella term. Different meaning to different people with different objectives. But the important part here is to identify the paradigm shift in the digital ecosystem — why have organizations (especially, B2B Lead Generation Companies) been putting so much emphasis on their content marketing strategy?

Before delving deep into understanding the reasons that prove content marketing as one of the most influential Lead Generation Services, let’s first make ourselves clear with the meaning of it — just in case to avoid any confusion for that matter.

Understanding a ‘Content Marketing Marketing Strategy’

First of all, let’s take the ambiguity between ‘Content Strategy’ and ‘Content Marketing Strategy’ out of picture — a content strategy focuses on everything that is related to the content, i.e. its creation, maintenance, and planning whereas Content Marketing specifically focus on one thing, gaining traction in the targeted audience base.

Let’s understand it with an elementary example - if a Content Strategy is a cuisine your company is about to cook, a Content Marketing Strategy is one of its major ingredients.

Okay. So, we have got that off our heads.

Up next, why do we need it anyway?

Why do we need a Content Marketing Marketing Strategy?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Precisely, your goals can become rocket science if you don’t have a plan. Imagine going to a place without knowing the route. Similarly, content marketing is a strategic plan to reach your audience at an optimal cost of resources. It is a practice that is hard to ignore as it fulfills multiple purposes at a minimal cost.

Content Marketing helps you make better customer interactions, create better brand awareness and make people understand your business better. Not to mention, a documented plan makes your work more streamlined and creates harmony in the team, and makes your marketing goals vivid to your organization.

Another efficacious fact about a content marketing is how a little investment can give you oodles in return.

Take this in perspective, let’s say you have one article that is ranked on the first page of Google for a highly competitive keyword. Now the article has one paragraph that tells about your brand, and there’s a link embedded in the article that redirects the user to your store.

...So what just happened?

One article that was supposed to educate your users about a specific topic not only served its primary purpose but also made the visitors aware about your brand and perhaps, lead to sales — fascinating how one practice can help you attain the benefits of multiple Digital Marketing Services, is it not?

Essential factors that you need for your Content Marketing Marketing Strategy

There’s a glut of stuff over the internet that gives you a detailed idea of every factor, big or small, that requires your attention while constructing a Content Marketing Strategy. However, we are focusing on some of the imperative factors and practices you should take into account while making your Content Marketing plan.

We’re focusing on abstract two factors: What your business is about and how it is going to be a successful one. As former will help you create a better product and will help you sustain better in the competitive market, latter is going to tell you about how you can skyrocket your growth if you successfully communicate with your audience — the power of good social media management.

Understand your Business and your Customer:

This point will sound generic in every sense and it is something that compels you to say, ‘Yeah, I know it. What else?”

However, lack of understanding of the business often leads organizations to deliver poor digital marketing services. So, before proceeding, identify your business — Ask yourself these questions — What is your business about? Who are your competitors? Is your product different from theirs? If yes, then what makes it different?

That was about the organization, now the important part — The audience.

First of all...who is your audience?

Analysis of audience requires a good amount of research on the audience’s taste, age group, cultural factors and other habits. Long story short, identify who your buyer is exactly. Period.

How are you Going to Reach Them?

So, now we know who we want to reach, but the important point is, HOW?

Generally, businesses handover their digital marketing services to the companies that provide them with B2B lead generation services. But in case you are a small business, or you’re planning to make an in-house team to handle the digital operations, you need put some work on finding the content that your audience wants, and the channels with which you can reach them

Let us take a moment and thank Mark Zuckerberg (as other social media platforms emerged post-Facebook's inception) who gave a blessing to digital marketing services by providing them with a platform that helped them in forming an informal relationship with their customers/audience and establish a deeper connection with them — leading to better communication. Social Media Management Company is arguably one of the most prior things a business should focus their attention to because people spend more time on social media compared to the time they spend on shopping or searching for a business that serves services akin to yours.


In a nutshell, your content marketing strategy is going to define the relationship your business is about to establish with its consumers. Hence, the obsession of B2B lead generation services in the modern time is justified — as one of the most important things for any business is making its audience aware about their brand and having a hassle-free communication with them, at an optimal cost.

Here’s an example of what wonders a top-notch Content Marketing Strategy can do:

Coca-Cola (popularly known as Coke) did a campaign called ‘Share a coke’. The fundamental idea of the campaign was to personalize the product and boy, they did it... Well.. let’s say splendidly!

The campaign was started in the land of kangaroos where they the company added the 150 most popular names in Australia, to the side of the bottles.

As expected, the campaign went viral and Aussies went berserk. To sum things up, the campaign was a huge success and you must be already aware of it.

So, now you know what needs to be done to take your business to the next step.