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Ways to Stay Safe During a Flu Pandemic

Stay Safe During a Flu Pandemic

Ways to Stay Safe During a Flu Pandemic

Monday March 30, 2020,

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Scientists and health experts always recommend citizens to wear masks when they step outside in a polluted city. But things change when there is a flu pandemic out there. The pollutants are not the only fear that grips people. They need to protect themselves from the deadly virus out there. Experts have made it clear, that to combat the Corona virus pandemic, every individual must wear a mask to cover the mouth, and use hand sanitizers to clean palms.

What's the need for a mask?

Mask manufacturers in India, suddenly witnessed a spike in demand for masks. Scientists declared that the novel Corona virus infects a person when nasal droplets of an infected individual come in contact with another person. It is not always a person to person contact. The virus lurks on objects and jumps on to the victim when he or she touches the object. This highly contagious disease spreads mainly by touch.

People cannot avoid touching objects, other individuals, and ourselves in our regular lives. But wearing a protective respirator helps in several ways. N95 mask manufacturers are opining that when infected individuals cough or sneeze, the mask prevents the nasal droplets containing the virus from contaminating another object. The mask restrains the virus and checks the spread of the infection.

Disposable Face Mask suppliers are telling that the masks are essential as they prevent several other diseases from spreading. Doctors keep telling patients to wear masks if they are sick. But this protocol became a trend and a word of caution, only after the outbreak of a global pandemic.

Hand sanitizers to the rescue

Hand sanitizers have become man's best friend of late. Whenever we are en route to someplace, or away from home, we cannot part ourselves with a small bottle of hand sanitizer. The outbreak of a pandemic has started a big debate, which is the best hand sanitizer. Several brands have put forward theories claiming why theirs is the best.

But scientists have said that alcohol sanitizers are all effective, irrespective of the brand. They must contain the desired level of alcohol required to kill all germs on your palms. Hand sanitizer manufacturers faced an unexpected surge of sanitizer demand in the last few weeks. Reports show that sanitizer online had been trending in search engines for the last few weeks. It looks like people cannot do without a bottle of alcohol-based hand rub owing to its immense benefits.

The utility of a hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer suppliers feel that citizens have suddenly understood the need for the usage of a hand sanitizer. Virologists and researchers advised people around the globe that they should use hand sanitizers after touching an unsterilized object. The presence of a high percentage of alcohol, in hand sanitizers, kills the Corona virus that lurks in your palms after touching a contaminated surface.

This cleansing process is useful when one does not have soap and water to wash hands thoroughly. Although an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can kill the deadly virus, scientists believe that nothing is better than the traditional hand washing method using soap and water.

How does a hand sanitizer protect us?

There are loads of advertisements asking us to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. But some curious minds are wondering how the chemical reaction takes place on our palms. A study described here details how the usage of alcohol hand sanitizer annihilates the virus from your hands.

The best sanitizer in India contains around 60 - 95% alcohol.

Users have to take a few drops of sanitizer on their palm and rub both palms against one another. Repeating the same process to the back of the palms is also advisable. A generous pump of sanitizer will effectively remove all the pathogens in your hands.

Viruses contain a layer of protein, lipid, and RNA. Alcohol, in the sanitizers, destroys the protective protein covering on the viroid particle. Once the alcohol destroys the protein covering, the RNA is released, and the structure collapses. This is how the usage of a good sanitizer

Personal Protective Equipment

The FDA and WHO declared some essential substances as protective equipment when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. As per norms, two individuals cannot share these protective gears. These equipment include surgical masks or N95 masks, single-use gloves, hand sanitizers, soaps, etc. N95 mask manufacturers made it clear that these respirators are 100% effective for 3-8 hours, depending upon their material. Users should thoroughly wash the washable masks after usage and not share the same with someone else.


A terrible scarcity of funds and the rise of cases have led to a shortage of PPE among the health workers. It has left disposable Face Mask Suppliers and Hand sanitizer suppliers overwhelmed. The government and its relief funds are helping the nationals with PPE to keep them safe during this pandemic.