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Story of my Life

The Beginning

Story of my Life

Monday January 23, 2017,

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Hello Everyone,

I am Vaibhav.

A few of you know me, many others not.

I am here to write. Write about different things with time.

And the reason is I waste my time doing things not considered good when you are a student. Procrastination, you may say.

In my whole life, I think I was never very serious about studies or anything.

The typical kid. A lot of dreams but not enough determination or courage to follow one. Going with the flow.

It gave me enough time to do other activities except studies which I was supposed to do.

I used it well in doing things I loved, like observing the surroundings, society and knowing the world. Being around 16 and having no money to go on world trip, What better way than watching movies and TV shows. I have seen thousands of them, various generes. It's like living the life going on-screen.

It's been deep and impactful experience. I will discuss more about it in the future.

But when you are into something for so long, It becomes obsession and some sort of addiction.

I am going through one right now.

It's affecting other aspects of my life badly.

To summerise, I've gone stuck in life.

Academically, I was supposed to study well and get selected in medical exam and become a doctor.

I have loved biology because it is the way world keeps moving.

Biology is to study life and where there is life there is society, which makes the world. All these things are very inter-related to me.

How life begins, how it works and what are the possibilities in the future of humanity. You see, knowing humans, society, culture and the world is a part of it. A bigger Picture !

I have loved these to the core of my heart and I hope to make a career where these things are prioritiseed.

I grew in the age of internet. The age when it was expanding and reaching to everyone, connecting the world. It was new, cool, full of information. I got addicted here again, spending time knowing irrelevant and unnecessary things. I won't say what I came to know are wrong or bad but it wasn't and still isn't of much importance, academically. I'll discuss this topic in detail later.

I once myself chose to be a doctor. The year was 2011 when I turned 16.

There were reasons behind it. And that's something again to be focused and discussed in future.

Sadly, It didn't worked out as planned. I won't say It was a wrong decision back then or I feel destroyed, careerwise, right now.

The thing is, I couldn't switch career when I needed to. The family plays a major role here and It'll take another dicussion session.

I still have time, bit late though, but I am trying to make things better.

This is one of the many such attempts to do so.

A few good friends of mine always keep me motivating to write.

I don't know what to write or how to write but I will do it anyway.

This is important to me because deep inside I love it too. I love to express my feelings and I believe in making change in the world by the words !

I hope to use my time in writing rather than spending it on internet or the movies. No offence to these two, as they aren't bad or wrong. Actually these are some of the greatest teachers I've ever known. It's just they aren't for me right now. I plan to create someting, totally my work, which would be writing in this situation.

Talking of the good or bad, right or wrong, I've realised there's barely anything black and white. It is all about perspective. There are things which I once believed completely wrong as sin, but now I don't. It'll need greater explanation and I will give one with time.

So, Here I am with my first post, and it won't be the last one !!!

I hope you like it !!!