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4 Strategies To Enhance eCommerce Sales and Growth

4 Strategies To Enhance eCommerce Sales and Growth

Wednesday May 22, 2019,

4 min Read

There is no doubt that digital marketing has become an integral part component for everyone’s business success. Companies that invest in building an online presence have a much greater chance of expanding their brands than those who love “brick-and-mortar”.

With advancements in technology and bringing new eCommerce features, such as advanced inventory management, APIs and many others we are still amazed by the amount of information we’ve been browsing through, and trying to figure out how to achieve it.

The country of e-commerce is not slowing down. So here are 4 strategies to help you develop your online business in the new year.

Activate Social Media

Social media is difficult for eCommerce business owners because it takes time. Today, we are told that success in social media can help raise brand awareness and sales, but to be able to benefit from it, we need to be active 24/7. However, there are only so many hours a day. While the strong presence of social media has proved to be beneficial, not every owner has time.

You do not have to work with all social media platforms, but you should do at least one very well. Maybe you have decided to increase your presence on Facebook because you want to use its powerful advertising mechanics and a large customer base. In this case, use the time you have allocated to social media to create a place where customers can exchange and share and you can report your brand. Having a solid social media presence on at least one platform will be a long way to brand development to follow.

Use Blockchain For User Data Protection

Accessing accurate data for consumers is key to more effective ad targeting and ultimately revenue growth. Some brands do not even know if their target audience is real people: As Axios explains, about 20 percent of the $ 200 billion spent on digital advertising money is wasted on robots.

This is why marketers must ensure that their databases include real people who have given permission to receive promotions. One such company is YouGov Direct, YouGov, which helps brands get more value from their advertising campaigns through their platform and block-based ad networks. In essence, if brands “know” rather than “assume” that consumers are interested in their products, they can provide real solutions to these people — rather than wasting advertising dollars to bad people.

Outsource Sometimes

As e-shop owners, we sometimes feel that we have to be all at once.

Outsourcing is essential for long-term success. You do not have to be good at everything — you have already proved that you are a quality project manager, simply by creating and running your online store. If anything is not good, ask for help. Whether it’s advertising, web design or payroll, know when to exclude yourself from burning and concentrating on what you do best.

I’ve been able to scale my eCommerce company from the initial launch to more than seven numbers in three years revenue by outsourcing our SEO marketing. Outsourcing can help the company remain skilled. If the work that is going on, does not change or the scope of the project is much easier to connect with an external or consultant than with a full-time worker.

Incorporate feedback.

One thing that will never be obsolete is collecting feedback from customers. Your customer reflects the status of your business. You have to find out what they want and want.

Many eCommerce platforms have a plugin or feature that lets you collect and display customer reviews. If not, applications such as Yotpo can help integrate customer testimonials into your product pages. Survey Anyplace and Type form are also useful questionnaire tools for assessing customer needs and perspectives.

Customer Feedback is a goldmine as you should shape your brand and marketing. Do your current customers use your ads? Potential customers doubt you with visiting your website? Where do you lose people in a sales tour? With the right feedback you will be better able to adjust and make changes in a way that your customers will appreciate.

Ending Note

Using these tips will put you in a better position to grow your business and with developing a niche brand on an eCommerce platform. Keep the right priorities in mind to minimize the bumps, and you’ll accelerate your success in a new corner of the international online marketplace.

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