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I choose to remain a daughter

My name is Aishwarya Sharma and I am a fashion blogger with just not an insight to fashion but aspiring to drive a change with fashion skills I've acquired. Here's the story behind my blog. Please find the attached link.

Thursday July 28, 2016,

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I embarked on this journey in early 2016. I realised that fashion blogging is still a cliché in our society and constrained to presentation of dresses, brands and monopolies of e-commerce brands. Realising the reach and impact of fashion, I being an activist and a blogger at the same time started to feel that its high time we break through the stereotypes of bloggers being a mannequin and finally initiated to take fashion and its impact on a whole new level. And 'Figuramoda' took birth.

A Fashionist with fashionism(fashion+activism) is what I call it.

I started with holding DIY tips at various NGOs for students studying there as to how they can avoid peer pressure and taught them how they can style their one outfit into many styles.

Carrying on with the legacy, my new blog Runaway Princess is also an initiation to drive a change where we motivate women and society to let a woman remain a daughter and empower her.

Through my blog, I would like to aware masses that fashion and fashion bloggers are not just limited to showcasing brands but are a part of the change that we care to look over. And I would like all of them to be the part of a change that I have initiated at my level. I want them to share the stories of their strength and freedom and pass on the baton. I want them to carry on with the chain that I hold an end to. I want them to believe that the change is inevitable.


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