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House hunting problems faced by bachelors in Chennai

House hunting problems faced by bachelors in Chennai

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

4 min Read

As you know, the bachelors are being avoided during the house hunting. And if you’re a bachelor who moved to Chennai very recently, then hunting a home is the biggest hurdle for you and the house owners are hesitant to rent their homes for you people and they used to say so many reasons. Here we will see what are the issues you people face when a bachelor search for a home.

Here are some of the reasons:

Safety and Security

The homeowners don’t prefer bachelors because of their age and there is a myth that youngsters especially single guys are capable of doing any criminal activity. And the safety and security remain questionable and the homeowners will ask 100s of questions. Even some people will check whether any complaint or case is filed on you and they will verify all these things.

From different states

If you’re from another state (like Nepal, Chandigarh or Manipal). There is a less chance for you to get home if you are from other states but if you're from countries then it is impossible for you to get homes. Because a survey shows that most of the cases are filed on the migrants. Even people in the gated community apartments will not let their homes for other state people. Being a non-vegetarian can also be a problem.

Expecting more money

People feel that having families are safer than having bachelors. Even they used to charge extra money if you're a bachelor. That is why bachelor's stay with few more persons since it reduces the burden of paying a huge amount.


Even though you got a home, there are some other issues and there is no guarantee that all the roommates will be friendly and kind. One person will smoke, other will drink and there might be another person who is the teetotaler. Even this might create a problem.


We have seen many youngsters will often switch their job. When all others are paying the rent on a shared basis and the one without a job will not pay. This will create so many problems. Even if someone leaves, searching for a new roommate is also really difficult.

Single Woman

It becomes difficult to get a home for not only for the men and it happens for women too if they are single. The homeowner will ask them to bring your parents or even they will ask your parents to stay with you.

Looks also matter a lot

Nowadays even the house owner will for few more things like your look, dressing sense, and behavior etc. They will check whether you are making yourself presentable when you meet them. You should not look funky and your hair should be trimmed properly.They always feel scared to see your tattoos and piercings better hide it. They will ask about the family and the place you come from and they will expect you to keep your home clean always.

The opinion of Landlords

The house owners from the city say that they will not usually prefer bachelors as tenants and even if they do, they need to take extra personal care to monitor them regularly. And even they used to have weekend parties or bashes. Being in a residential area, the house owner will not encourage all these things and it will end up in big problems.

So, it’s always better to buy a flat in Chennai than renting a home. So that, you can avoid all these problems. It will be a good investment and there will not be any burden to you in the future since you have bought it on a shared basis. It will provide you a good return on investment and even you can share that too. Hope we have covered all the important issues that a bachelor face to get a home in Chennai!