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Everything That You Need to Know about Laser kidney stone treatment

Are you looking to have info on laser kidney stone treatment? Well, you have come to right place. Let’s discuss kidney stone treatment through laser in detail.

Friday November 11, 2016,

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What Is Laser Lithotripsy?

Laser lithotripsy makes use of short and intense infrared light pulses. These pulses are so powerful if used properly that they can break any form of stone into tiny fragments. The same procedure is used in laser lithotripsy for removing kidney stones wherein the stones present in the kidney are broken into a tiny piece which is then excreted out through urine.

It is a painless normal surgery and the patient can be recover quickly as compared to conventional and traditional forms of surgery which are not only troublesome but take the time to help patients in recovering.

How does it work?

Ureteroscopy makes use of a long and thin telescope which is introduced via the gall bladder into the patient’s urinary tract. This telescope is less than 2 mm in diameter and provides the safe and secure visualization of the lower half of the organ. Through a wire of just 0.2 mm, a laser beam is passed to the reach the stones inside kidney, kidney tubes and the bladder. This laser beam is made to contact the stone, thereby making sure that no near-around tissues are affected.

The procedure is performed by giving general anesthesia to the patient, and may involve 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of stones and the size of each stone that need to be broken down. Patients are generally kept under the medical supervision for a night, and they can head on to their home the next day.

Risks And Complications

Ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy is nothing serious and instead of a very safe and effective solution with fast recovery. As such there are no risks and complications associated with the operation. But at times, rare repercussions include the likes of nausea, short spell of bleeding .


Kidney stones can undoubtedly be very painful and make your life gruesome. Getting them operated with regular methods take the time to cure and recovery is slow too. Fortunately, now we can treat these kidney stones using ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy. The risks involved are minor and patient recovers quickly without any outstanding side effects. The whole procedure is risk-free and takes just 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the severity of operation.

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