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How to increase conversion rate through guest posting?

How to increase conversion rate through guest posting?

Monday May 13, 2019,

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How to increase conversion rate through guest posting?

Ever wished to get more sales just by writing guest posts? Many have wished the same. But guest posting isn’t easy and requires a lot of time and effort. In fact, marketers don’t even consider that they can get conversions through guest posts because it isn’t a sale-generation action. In all the articles I read, Brian Dean’s guest posting guide was the only article that pointed how marketers can actually get conversions through guest posting. Though many things have changed in guest posting 2019 but not much.

So, we decided to a complete review of all guest posting practices. We have added all those tips that can help your website increase conversions through guest posting and with minimum budget. Let’s get started.

Increase Conversions With Guest Posting

Here is a list of the best ways to increase conversions through guest posting. While these may all sound different, but they are necessary.

1.Targeted Landing Pages

First and foremost, always promote your landing pages through guest posts. There are two reasons for this:

  1. People will directly get to your landing pages. Then you can either squeeze their email addresses or move them to your money page.
  2. By linking your landing pages, you indirectly improve their page authority and eventually their rankings in the search engines.

A guest post on Search Engine Land, where the author links their money page. This will lead the readers directly to the money page on the Digital Marketing Depot website.

2. Find right places to guest post

Now this is an important one. You can’t get conversions if you are guest posting about a digital marketing services company on a blog that publishes a human interest stories. These type of guest posts should be on marketing blogs or business websites. Because the audience that visits these websites will be willing to learn how to grow their business.

When you pitch them about how your digital marketing services can improve their business, they are more likely to listen.

The best way to find places similar to yours is through keywords.

Let’s say your keywords are ‘Digital marketing services for ecommerce store owners’

Now run a search on Google to find who is ranking for this keyword. Filter all those that are blogs and have a DA greater than 40.

Now, pitch them one by one. You can also use the following terms:

❖    keyword + ‘write for us’

❖    keyword + ‘guest posting guidelines’

❖    keyword + ‘guest post’

❖    keyword + ‘submit post’

So on and so forth.

3. Select the right topics to guest post about

Just as you can’t generate leads from sites that are not relevant to your industry, you can’t generate leads from topics that don’t relate to your business.

There are two types of keywords:

●    Informational

●    Transactional

When selecting topics or guest post, make sure you focus on the transactional keywords.

Some examples of these transactional keywords are:

●      Find Out If Hatha Yoga Is Right For You

●      How to Find Yogis That Live Near You

●      Best Yoga Instructors in YOUR AREA NAME

These are just some keywords that people will be searching for when they want the services of a Yogi. These people may also be interested in finding videos and material related to Yoga. So, this is the best time to offer them your products, if you are in the yoga industry. We hope these examples clear the confusion between informational & transactional keywords.

4. Add opt-ins, bonus material to get leads

Next, you have to add opt-ins to the guest post. Brian Dean hooks the readers of the guest post by telling them about his checklist. Here is an example of one of his guest post blogs.

He will first add the bonus material link on the guest post. And, when the readers click on it, they will be taken to a squeeze page that looks somewhat like this.

He says that this strategy worked great for him and he was able to get 188 conversions alone from a single post.

You will have to be a little creative here. Because that is the only way to get the readers to land on your website.

5. Use your guest posts as testimonials of your blog

You can also use guest posts as a testimony of your service. Though this is considered as a grey hat practice, but if you are writing about a case study, then you can even use guest posts as testimonials of your services. Here is what you will have to do.

-      Simply interview your customers that have used your service for sometime.

-      Now, write a case study about it on a guest blog. Once you have written the case study, you can use it as a testimonial to publish on your website

-      Now, when someone searches for proof of your services, they can directly get it from the guest blog where you have written the case study of your customer.

-      These type of practices can lead to more social proof & trust of your brand. Make sure that the case study is of a genuine customer.

If you are still not sure what I am talking about, check these hosting reviews.

Most of these hosting reviews have actually paid he company to rank them on top. You are not doing the same but something similar to attract people to your services.

6. Add the right call to actions in your blogs

Finally, it is important to add the right call to actions on your blog. If you are writing on transactional topics, make sure that you have CTA’s of your blog available in them.

For example, for a hosting website, make sure that you add ‘Fastest Hosting At Your Fingertips. Try for free’ or similar CTAs on the guest post as well.

Most guest posting websites will not allow you to add CTA’s and that is fine. You can add the CTAs to all those websites that allow them. By adding CTAs you are actually inviting the readers to try your services/products.

Here is a CTA on the review hosting website. Since it is a listing website, the CTA looks fine. But you can still add a similar CTA. See the complete list of CTAs that you can use in a guest post.


You should know that you can’t always get conversions from guest posts. So, even if you are not able to get conversions from the blogs, just make sure that they are quality websites.

Google now prefers backlinks from quality websites and in return increases the rankings in search engines. If you stay consistent and focused, sooner or later you will be getting conversions organically through search engines, all through your efforts to guest post.

So, start writing guest posts and experience first-hand how it helps your business.